What Your Workout Style Says About You & Your Fitness Goals


Identify Your Goals. Find Your Program. Start Sweating.

Have you ever thought about what your workout style says about you? Lets find out…

as207-46a616da-82ad-477a-bf98-a17f6a6a8195-v2The Miler
You are a runner! From the very first time you took your first lap, the city became yours.

You Must: The kettlebell is the single best tool to engage your glutes (the primary muscle you use when you run). It helps fire the glutes and take pressure off your knees- preventing overuse knee pain and helping you do what you love and long to do better!

Prevent injury, overuse and enhance performance with the Scorcher Series… runners love it because the program is a challenge- and fast, so you have plenty of time to do your long runs on other days!
Have the program? add a lil more sweat with the Scorcher 2.0 – these two bonus workouts are super advanced, fun and will help you maximize even more on your running days!

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as207-46e3bb60-6036-433c-b3cb-d7d20482c201-v2The Live To Sweat – HIIT Girl
Love High-Intensity? Is sweat your best friend. Do you truly enjoy the stop-go structure of circuit training? Do you get super bored with regular weight-lifting routines and hours of cardio?

Watch out for: Many HIIT classes make you do super high impact jumps for almost 60mins straight- even for thirty minutes of pounding at your joints,- its pure danger. You might sweat in class but your body will NEVER see the results you want unless you add strength training. All you’ll see is injury from non-stop jumps. Be careful & be smart!

You will love the Scorcher and Scorcher 2.0 sets– these are NON-stop action packed into 25-50 minute workouts! Highly intense, fun and all under an hour. No boring reps or sets – this is a total body workout from the soul.

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as207-b6f912f2-233d-42e3-936c-eb43d48fbd1c-v2The Yogi
Do you live for your zen moments of breathing and stretching. An hour where you can carve out time to be still and work through your favorite postures.

Don’t Forget: Yoga is wonderful, and to be an even better practitioner, and see more weight-loss results in the body a balanced strength training routine with high-intensity intervals of fat burning fun are an ideal pairing! And a must if you want to see real weight-loss and strength gains.

You’ll love the 7 Day Lean program! It even includes a great twist of a Yoga program called Yogi calisthenics!

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as207-fc2fb32c-b94e-4dcd-a99b-d3c80ef5ff43-v2The Beginner
New to exercise? Just never had to do it before? Or maybe you haven’t been active in a long while!?

You must start a fitness routine now, the longer you wait the harder it will be! Plus, the longer you’ll wait to see results- you deserve the body you want sooner then later!

No matter the reason: weight-loss, strength, toning or health the 11-disc Body Series program is ideal for beginners looking to reach their wight-loss and health goals, while getting the body to its optimal state of health.

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The Cardio Class Queen
You love your spin class, your dance class and any other classes that get the body moving to the music.

Watch out for: You must off-set that with a strength training routine! Think about it, you sit all day and then your activity is sitting on a bike? You need to change your posture, and add weights or body weight to the program to truly sculpt the exact body you need. Women must strength train AT LEAST 1 x week, ideally 3-4.

Try the Scorcher or 7 Day Lean Series… thee are great programs that will give you the sweaty cardio you love, and the strength training you need to truly sculpt your body strong and sexy.

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The Out Door Adventurer
Everything you do is an outdoor activity. You crave open spaces, new terrains and long weekends when you can hike, bike ride or go on a surfing trip.

Watch out for: We all have to work, so often the hours we spend sitting during our weekdays disable and weaken many of our muscles. When you get to your fav activity you are far more susceptible to injury.

The problem: Sports are wonderful ways to stay active and have fun! We wish more people took part in sports and outdoor activities. However you still need a strength and conditioning routine to help prevent injury in your sport.

The program: Scorcher Series 2.0 is 100% your program. The workouts are super intense and short (we know you want to get as much time outdoors as you can!) They”ll balance out your muscles and leave you strong, agile and better equipped for your outdoor adventures! Plus they’ll help you get even leaner.

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