Your Total Body Pool Side Workout


okay okay, I know it looks AMAZING behind me, but I’ve been on the computer for 5 straight hours, only break was some am horse back riding (my KB body making me fit enough to explore activities I love and enjoy), THIS workout right here and a 30min swim…

So lets get on to it

  1. 4 circuits is IDEAL here
  2. 1min each move
  3. 15-45 sec rest btw at most
  4. 1-3min rest btw each circuit
  • LISTEN w/ Volume
  • 1min underhand KB deadlifts
  • 1min saddle bag swings with halo transition (very #KettlebellKickboxing trademark)
  • 1min sissy squat w/ bottoms up bell right into double rear lunge pump
  • 1min Fixed wide halos
  • 1min KB Good-morning to alternating rear lunges to sissy squat with double pumpRead about the Good Morning Exercise in todays earlier post & GET UP and Do this!!!

No excuses guys, you can do it anywhere!!

Our KB Blog (link to site in bio) has the step by step breakdown of each move

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