Your Total Body Morning Mobility Kettlebell Move

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✔️Morning Mobility
✔️Pre-Lifting Warmup
✔️Mid Sitting WakeUp call

So this is Dasha’s version of a ‘good morning’
which doesn’t load behind the back, we’ll show that version later today in our full workout,
but it does help you go through a RESET- of what the body needs to ‘wake up’ in the morning and especially during those stubborn sitting work days,
You can literally put a timer on for every 45 seconds and then work through 1min or ten of these to keep the posterior chain active, the glutes fired up, the back straight and the posture from overtaking a forward ‘upper cross’ syndrome. .
HIP HINGE – not knee bend forward to get the kettlebell
PULL the Kb up without shoulder shrugging and keeping the abs tight
CENTER chest level without any issues in balance or posture
PRESS OVERHEAD without shoulder struggling or collapsing form
DIP behind the back without shoulder struggling, letting the triceps stretch and thoracic area of back activate
DONT sink in

YESSSSS, I know that all of my KBIA instructors are thinking that this is a perfect warm-up
JUST dont overload your your students (don’t go heavy)

The Good Morning (Kb / weight/ weight bar is loaded behind the back) is a hip hinge exercise, meaning the movement comes from hinging your hips, or bending at your waist. This puts it into the same category as a Deadlift and kettlebell Swing. If you look closely, it’s almost identical to a Romanian Deadlift except for the position of the weight.

The exercise primarily strengthens the muscles on the backside of your body, or what’s referred to as your posterior chain. Your glutes (butt muscles) and hamstrings (backs of your thighs) drive the movement. These muscles are involved in the vast majority of sports skills, such as sprinting, jumping, throwing a ball and others, so strengthening them is essential.

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