Your Sunday Bikini Kettlebell and Band Workout



I promised you a complete workout today, something you can use today or tomorrow or save it for when you’re traveling and have nothing but a couch;)


All you need is a Kettlebell and a band 

  • 1min Kettlebell swings
  • 1min banded squat to squat jump to plank banded knees to pushup
  • 1min Kettlebell swing switches
  • 1min Kettlebell & band bridges to Kb chest presses to  1min Kb swing switches to clean to pushPress to windmill alternating
  • 1min banded knee squats to bear thrusters
  • REST 1-3min

Repeat 3x  & done!!! 

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Lets talk workouts,

We all want the same thing out of our workout routines. We want the opportunity to find the very best of ourselves and our bodies. We want to train smart and have fun train- ing, and we want to leave the training floor more energized, clear-headed, and happy than when we got on it. When you dedicate yourself to a healthy lifestyle, you want all the benefits that come with it: a lean, strong, feminine body that is both functional and capable. Luckily, the combination of kettlebells and martial arts is the perfect tool that can be used to accomplish all of these goals. For busy moms and professionals, it is nice to know that a kettlebell workout can function as both strength and cardio, providing a perfectly balanced routine in under

an hour. For those of us interested in a fitness challenge, the kettlebell works balance, agility, mobility, flexibility, power, strength, coordination, speed, and breathing; there is always something to strive toward.

If you just satiated to workout, or want to;

Welcome to this wonderful journey of discovering your body and making it
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