Your ‘Do It Anywhere’ Kettlebell Home Workout (Full Body Burn & Sculpt)



I know that many of you get stuck at home, or are traveling and it can be very difficult to stay on your goals when you’re constantly juggling work and dealing with a variety of fluctuating hours, personal commitments and projects.

Luckily you only need 15-20minutes, and a kettlebell (or dumbbell, see variation video below the workout video)
to get an amazing full body workout, so USE THIS when you’re at home and remember – you don’t need an hour of daily workouts so long as you stay on a progressive routine¬†and don’t fluctuate the 2-3 x a week you do train.

It is always better to be consistent, even if its only 2-3x a week.
Another key component is strength training; when you lift weights you are working out more effectively and for the long run, making your goals possible in half the time.

Love this idea? It’s actually REAL, proven science. And if you love the idea of having an opportunity to train at home effectively in 15-45 mins tops, then checkout the Scorcher Series Home Fitness Set .*¬†It WILL get you all of the results you are looking for – no joke! Just look at our Transformations Page.

OKAY, your 15min at home Workout:

Especially those of you on the KB BIKINI STRONG CHALLENGE, use this as a option or KB Bonus;

  • 1min KB swings (see video below on ‘how to swing’ a Kettlebell)
  • 1min alternation lateral lunges w/ over head single kb press (from mid racked chest position)
  • 1min clean to push Press (kb curvilinear clean) alternating sides with kb sing switch
  • 1min Gorilla curls to mobility to strength (kb loaded) squat
  • 1min Alternation bent over rows (5 for 5)
  • 1min Unilateral KB pushUps with swing through kb positioning and optional kb burpee jump
  • REST 0-60sec btw exercises
    REST full 2-4 mins after complete circuit
    Execute 2-4 circuits depending on time

Don’t Have A Kettlebell At Home/ Don’t Know How To Swing A KB?

Watch Dasha’s You Tube Video here on How To Swing A Kettlebell