Your BOOTY & Total Body; Bench-Band-Bar Workout!

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Above is your TOTAL BODY workout 

Have a bar?! Get lets it done!

Here’s your complete bar and bench strength/ mobility workout

Covering ALL the standard movement patterns:

  • Hip binging
  • Pushing
  • Pulling
  • Knee Bending

Since these are non-loaded for lower body we are going for time on lower body and reps on upper

  • 1min elevated bar bridges
  • 8-10 reps on your bench press (if you can do more go heavier!)
  • 1min ab hip twists
  • 1min bench to bar squat (no rest)
  • 8-10 inverted rows (or to max, so if you can only do 3 or 4 just keep working up to more)
  • 1min a leg kickouts over bar

Repeat 4x and DONE! 



This is the BOOTY Isolated Workout you will do with the BAND – and YES, you can easily combine them. 

We’ve got your bar-bench-bands COMPLETE BOOTY workout! And you will feel this tomorrow! listen w/ volume 👆🏻👆🏿☝️


1min: elevated reverse high thrusters with abduction against band on highs at top

1min: Bench squat with bar ref and abduction against band on highs at top

1min Deep Squat -abduction with band in knees

1min Minimus kickouts 1 left leg

1min Minimus kickouts 1 right leg

1min Mediums kickouts 2 left leg

1min Mediums kickouts 2 right leg

1min or 3-5 reps deep on your strength Assisted Pistol left

1min or 3-5 reps dep on your strength Assisted Pistol right

Repeat 4x
Rest no more then 45sec btw exercises
THATS YOUR COMPLETE 🍑 right there!!!
ADD Kettlebell 1min swings if our feel 💯 .