What Your Workout Style Says About You!

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Identify Your Goals. Find Your Training Style. Start Sweating.

nyc marathon runnerThe Miler

Running is your passion!  Getting outdoors and finding new routes gives you a high. Trails are your passion!

The problem: Running (even when done for health) is a sport! So you must have a strength and conditioning routine to help you run pain free.

Watch out for: Overuse issues in the knees and imbalances like glute inactivation. To run your best and be healthy you must also strength-train (that’s a fact).

The program: The Body Series training program will help you balance out your runs with a recovery and strengthening program – If you follow this program NO MORE KNEE PAIN! and faster miles.

high intensity exercise programThe Live To Sweat – HIIT Girl

You love up-down high intensity intervals. But it’s often hard to make your own HIIT program or do one at home- you feel like you miss out if you miss your fav class.

The problem: You can’t just place any one move next to another- you can risk overworking a muscle group and real overuse injuries.

Watch out for: Uneducated instructors and poorly structured programs. Too often novice instructors try to make a class hard and use bad rest-to-work ratios or poorly structured moves to get you to sweat. This can lead to injury and overuse.

The program:  Scorcher Series & Scorcher Series 2.0 will give you the sweat and HIIT session you crave without any liability on the body. Plus you’ll get 100% more results if the workouts are structured based on science.

yoga exercise program nycThe Yogi

Calm and peaceful training is your passion. You love to truly work into a position and focus in on your Mind-Body connection.

The problem: While a good Yoga practice has some wonderful strength building moves, you still need to add other variables to your program for both heart and bone health and even greater weight-loss.

Watch out for: Too much flexibility without strength is dangerous- make sure you focus on having a great balance between strength and length in the muscle.

The program: The 7 Day Lean fitness program has no kettlebells, so you’ll feel at home with the program. There is even a Yogi Calisthenics workout that combines sports science strength moves with yoga.  Another bonus? The animals calisthenics workout- move like an animal!

beginner kettlebell programThe Beginner

Either you never had to workout before, or you’ve been out of it for a while. Either way every one of us has had a first day on the training floor.

The problem: You are scared to start. It’s difficult to find the right program. You want something that will give you results, but you also want to progress carefully into your goals.

Watch out for: Going too hard and also not going hard enough. You need to put in the work, but you also can’t go from 0-100. The progression must be smart.

The program: The Body Series fitness DVD is our most complete 11 disc set. It has a 50 minute beginner one-on-one disc and has a variety of workouts all ranging in time and intensity. PLUS there’s a beginner option in every single workout. And workout calenders- so you follow a program to get your results.

The Cardio Class Queen

You love anything that involves non-stop motion.  Cycling, walking, the elliptical, a spin class – when you get to a gym you get right onto your fav cardio machine, blast your tunes and get moving.

Watch out for: Too much cardio and not enough strength training and mobility work. Especially sitting cardio like spin- your body will begin to feel imbalances. Sure you’ll lose some weight- but you wont look as lean or cut as you can if you added strength training to the mix.

The problem: You won’t build strong bones and your body will not be as metabolically active as it can be with a good strength & conditioning program.

The program: The Scorcher 2.0 workout series has two amazing workouts that you can work in between your cardio days! We promise the programs will leave you drenched- but also have your muscles working – you’ll see 100% more results.

The Outdoor Adventurer

Everything you do is an outdoor activity. You crave open spaces, new terrains and long weekends when you can hike, bike ride or go on a surfing trip.

Watch out for: We all have to work, so often the hours we spend sitting during our weekdays disable and weaken many of our muscles. When you get to your fav activity you are far more susceptible to injury.

The problem: Sports are wonderful ways to stay active and have fun! We wish more people took part in sports and outdoor activities. However you still need a strength and conditioning routine to help prevent injury in your sport.

The program: The Scorcher Series fitness program is 100% your program. the workouts are super intense and short (we know you want to get as much time outdoors as you can!)

They”ll balance out your muscles and leave you strong, agile and better equipped for your outdoor adventures! Plus they’ll help you get even leaner.

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While Our Common Goals; Success, Health and Fitness Give Us All An Opportunity To Be The Best Version Of Ourselves.

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