Why You Shouldn’t Even Think of Dieting This Holiday Season


You read the title correctly,

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Even Think of Dieting This Holiday Season


It is no doubt that food is a big part of our lives, especially during the holidays. And despite what many fitness authorities say, I personally love that. I truly believe that you’ve got to be excited by the important, basic things in life, like food. It cannot be argued that there is a great deal of culture, heritage and tradition passed on through the food we eat and share.

The key to living well (and healthy), though, is to learn to be excited by the kind of food you should be eating: good, natural, whole, real foods, not processed garbage that harms your body.

In my experience the only key to real weight-loss, health and wellness success is this: you shouldn’t feel bound by either a specific food or diet. Because it is easy to let almost anything control and overrun your life. Many people allow food to become a dependency, a crutch, and a point of weakness.

Think about how difficult it is to get back in touch with your bodies natural intuition after years of dieting, calorie counting, deprivation, starvation, and scale obsession. In reality those things truly take over every part of your decision-making process.

How many of us are so used to following along to what a program or diet plan tells us to do, we can become completely disconnected from our body intuition tells us we need.

And in my experience the diet to over indulgence ration goes up over 50% in the holiday season: this basically means that women (and tons of men) starve themselves for days and then fill their body up with low quality non nutritious options at parties.

And this my fiends can screw up over 50% of the gains you’ve made throughout the year!

So, What Should You Do This Holiday Season?

In reality, the goal is to live passionately and truthfully.

This means for many of us to be honest with ourselves. And when it comes to our eating habits, during the holidays and afterwards, honestly is sometimes a difficult process that requires a real examination of the habits you have formed, and the value of those habits in your life.

Letting go will be the very next step for many of us, letting go of calories and limiting notions of food and the non-scientific fake facts we have all acquired from years of being sold to.

Your steps to success this holiday and afterwards…

Sure, weight loss happens when there is less energy (calories) coming in than going out (activity). This is an overly-simplified way to put it, because the types of food you eat matters too: protein and high fiber foods actually make your body work a little harder to digest them than simple carbohydrates or processed foods (TEE, thermal effect of eating).
Your activity levels, your muscle mass and resting metabolic rate all factor in too.
There are hundreds of diets for reaching weight-loss goals and many can work.

The main question is – what type of quality of tissue will each one of those diets produce?

Now, if you don’t see the relevance of this question you need to reevaluate EVERYTHING you have ever thought of in terms of health, nutrition and exercise.

The quality of your tissue is:

  • your health
  • your longevity
  • your bodies ability ward off and fight disease
  • your strength levels
  • your quality of life
  • your mood
  • your brain function
  • your capacity for life

Once you establish that you want quality instead of quantity or high restriction of food life gets a bit easier, goals become with-in reach and you become a happier more centered person.

Your steps to this are as follows:

  • Discipline yourself not to overeat
  • Maintain a 75% nutritious diet
  • Don’t yo-yo skip meals and over eat 2 days later
  • Establish a healthy respect for your bodies needs (not your mental indulgence)
  • Drink a glass of water before you decide to grab a snack or bad food
  • Allow 25% of food fun – however do not overeat, allow your fav piece of cake, but don’t eat an entire pie
  • Maintain seasonal vegetables and fruits n your diet
  • Learn to listen to your body
  • Aim not to snack, three meals only
  • DON’T DIET – just live with respect for your body

“In reality, the goal is to live passionately and truthfully. Once you have that, everything else will come.” – Dasha