Why Most People Have Back Pain & How You Can Fix It

kettlebell back pain relief

You would be surprised at how many people I meet every day, in my classes and in my life that are suffering from back pain.

In the 1900s, people worldwide were active between six to ten hours a day. Today, most of us make our livings with our minds instead of our bodies. We drive to work, we drive to run errands, we drive to do our grocery shopping, and we often drive to our weekend outings. We sit all day at work, and we also commonly entertain ourselves by sitting. It seems natural, but it’s not.

Our bodies are designed to move. In truth the more we stay static, the more we are hurting ourselves, becoming unbalanced, inactive, sedentary, weak, out of shape, uncoordinated, and fat individuals.

Why training with a kettlebell is one of the best things you can do for your back:

Engaging the Forgotten Muscles

The kettlebell is able to train and engage the posterior chain better then most other tools inside/ and outside the gym. The posterior chain is a group of muscles including the glutes (buttocks) and hamstrings that are commonly inhibited when sitting. Besides many other things, these muscles are supposed to protect your back and knees from overuse and strain, but if they are in-active during basic life tasks and even workouts, then there is do doubt that you will experience both back and knee pain.

Not sure how to even start training with a kettlebell?

Check out our KB Body 11-disc set fitness program, it even comes with a complete 45 minute kettlebell step-by-step DVD.

After sitting all day as we stand and begin to do exercise, the muscles do not fire (work/engage) correctly during actions like squatting, lunging, running, or simply walking up the stairs– placing all of the strain on your back and knees.

When you execute the kettlebell swing correctly—using only the posterior chain (we illustrate and teach you this to you in every KB program and class) the glute muscles learn to work again and pitch in during your life- taking all of the pressure and pain away from the knees and back.

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A bonus? No more bulky legs 🙂

It is truly vital to the balance of your body and its kinetic chain. Having a balanced training program (push/ pull/ hinge (swing)/ squat)  is also very important for anyone looking to improve sports performance, including faster and more efficient runs. This helps avoid knee overuse due to muscle imbalances, and for all those women sick of bulky thighs and the lack of a shapely behind, posterior chain motion like the kettlebell swing will engage the muscles in the backside, teaching them to work during other motions like the squat or lunge, and helping to get more shape and less quad (front of the leg) bulk.

Your Back Pain Solution

  • Get moving (activity helps)
  • Move Correctly (make sure you are engaging your glutes)
  • Train Smart & On A Program (yes, training will help you lose weight but it should also be a smart routine that gets you stronger and pain free!- if it doesn’t then its not a real excercise program)

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