6 Reasons Why You Have No Energy


We all hear this from friends, co-workers, family… and we all say it, sometimes we even catch ourselves saying it too often: “I’m tired.” “I have no energy.”

Many of us actually walk around chronically exhausted. But it’s not for lack of sleep (and even if you think it might be, did you ever realize that you can fix your sleepless nights by taking part in regular exercise or changing your diet).

So, today I would like to discuss the six most common reasons people are exhausted – and how to fix this issue once and for all.

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  1. You’re eating too much sugar.

    Simple sugar is digested quickly by the body, leading to a dip in blood sugar levels that leaves you feeling fatigued. You might know this and you might even make it a point candy throughout the day. But did you realize that refined carbohydrates like white bread and rice, chips, and cereal are also full of energy dumping sugar. Make it a habit to replace refined carbs with whole grains like quinoa, ezekiel bread and sweat potatoes for a lasting energy boost.

  2. You aren’t exercising enough.

    You might think that exercising will make you tired. But studies have consistently shown that exercise will boost your daily energy, make you stronger, happier (yes, exercising will help you produce endorphins) and it  will make you more creative.  Adding a workout to your daily routine will give you an energy boost. Plus, regular exercise improves sleep quality,  and decreases stress which will ultimately leave you feeling more well rested.

    It’s Your Job To Move!

  3. You’re sitting too much.

    Not only is sitting for prolonged periods of time harmful to your health (just one hour of sitting affects your heart!), but it’s a major energy drainer. Standing up and moving for even a few minutes helps get your blood circulating through your body and increases the oxygen in your blood, ultimately sending more oxygen to your brain which increases alertness. If you work a desk job set an alarm to get up and move every 30-40 minutes. Go out for lunch (do not order in), take the stairs and park far from the entry way so that you can walk more – little things add up and make a big difference.
    Stop sitting so much! How? Use our fitness DVD program to help you get up & move 🙂

  4. You are working out wrong!

    Yes- just working out is no longer enough – you must follow a program. Over-training,  incorrect workout structure, the wrong time intervals and training schedule, poor technique and random sporadic workouts can all do more harm then good. You must be on an accredited, result driven program with a systemized workout plan to see results, and to make sure you aren’t draining your vital energy.

    If you aren’t sure about what a real program and workout routine should be, feel free to check out our home fitness programs here and use code limitless anytime for a bonus 10% discount.

  5. You’re drinking too much caffeine.

    It’s not just coffee you have to think about. A can of soda (even if its a diet coke) or constant refills of coffee can leave you feeling exhausted in your day. Too much caffeine can give you a jolt only to leave you leave you crashing soon after if you ingest too much. Plus, if you’re drinking caffeinated beverages into the afternoon, they may start to have an effect on your sleep quality. If you’re a coffee drinker, that’s fine, but stick to a daily limit of 2 cups at max, and recognize when you’ve surpassed it. Also, avoid the sugar in coffee, that might give you another unnecessary adrenaline dump.

  6. You’re snacking too much.

    If you’re running to the vending machine or your ‘goodie’ junk food drawer for an afternoon snack, your selection can not be full of simple carbs and refined sugar. This will take your energy levels in the wrong direction. Our favorite day snacks are veggies, baby carrots, blueberries, an apple or kale chips.

Keep in mind, if you feel exhausted every day- you should not just ‘live with it’ because thats not a healthy way to live at all!  It takes time to create a new habit, but if you are ‘tired’ daily, then you have to put the time in to crate a new habit of energy for your life.

and remember to always…Save Your Energy For Things That Matter

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