8 Reasons You Aren’t Losing Weight!

dasha libin weight loss tips

I hope you are starting your day energized and ready to conquer your goals.

I have no doubt that if you are following your KB program, training regularly, staying active in your life and eating healthy you are seeing amazing results and enjoying your body.

However I did want to check over this list with you and make sure you are doing everything possible to get the results you deserve.

Below are reasons why ‘healthy’ people have a hard time losing weight. Check them over make sure your not being stunned in your weight loss progress because of one of these factors.

Eating too many nuts, dried fruits? Or snacking in general?

dasha libin healthy nutritionJust because nuts are on the low carb, good for you and protein rich list doesn’t mean you can eat an unlimited amount. An ideal nut serving size is a handful. Period. Not half a full bag with a serving size of 10. Did you also know that many nuts have an off-balance omega-6 to omega-3 ratio, which won’t help you get all of the health benefits.

Dried fruits are also not the same as ra fruits. So do not treat them the same! Raw fruits are water and fiber rich, and have less sugar then the dried kind.

Snacking is another issue – most people snack habitually, they aren’t really hungry, they just think they ‘need to’ snack. I CHALLENGE you to avoid snacking for 1 full week- I guarantee you’ll still feel great and have the same amount of energy (and maybe even a tighter belly).

Enjoy nuts, dried fruits and snacks in moderation, don’t eat the in front of the TV or computer. Also, if you do snack, portion control and get the all natural, unsalted, unsweetened organic snacks.

Fat free food fanatic? Skipping the fat all together?

Many people have ingrained in their minds that fat is evil. Some fats may be, but healthy fats like coconut oil and avocado oil are anything but evil, in fact your body needs a healthy balance of all nutrients (fats included) to find balance and lose weight. Need a list of healthy fats? We provide one on our KB blog, and list out good fats in your FREE 8-Week Transformation Guide — Get It by Signing Up For It Here . But in general controlled positions of nuts, salmon, coconut oil and olive oil are a great start to adding healthy fat in your diet.

Not training on program?

If your ‘working out’ consists of sporadic workouts, random studio sessions and gym visits that happen every other week some months, while other months you are more consistent- well, no wonder you are not seeing results – you might even be doing far more harm then good!

I can not stress this enough; every single celebrity, athlete and everyone else that is successful in getting and keeping their weight off and staying in shape trains on a specific program- NOT sporadic workouts. Sporadic workouts can actually stress the body and cause stress hormones that directly trigger fat storage.

Be it in your gym, a studio class, at home to a fitness program, a book or your trainer – GET ON A PROGRAM! It’s the only way to get the full value and results for your time and effort.

**Can’t afford a trainer? There are plenty of incredible programs out there, we have some you can look at here.  But no matter what you chose- get on a program.

Falling into an automatic eating and lifestyle habit

After you start reaching your goals and losing weight, you may start to chillax and fall into some of your old patterns. Remember why you started this new lifestyle in the first place and make sure that you’re keeping up your training schedule and healthly eating guidelines. Your success goal will be to live a good and healthy lifestyle of training and nutrition regiment 80% of the time.

  • The key is to find exercise and activity you like to do. You should feel challenged, and excited (and even a bit nervous for the workout).
  • In your diet you should always be finding fun, easy and health ways to enjoy new foods and dishes. Learn to cook and keep things interesting.
  • To maintain your goals, also find like-minded individuals you can enjoy active time with. Invite friends to a fitness class or a cooking class – spend your time doing things that matter to you and your health.

Eating too much healthy food?

Again, quantity is an issue here. Coconut fats, olives and avocados, proteins and fruits are all great for you. But there are too many people that think if they eat healthy (avoid fried foods and grease) that they can eat as much as they want of the healthy good stuff. But food still has calories, and those can add up, and eventually pile on the pounds.

Avoid snacking on anything, and when you eat have good complete meals with healthy sized portions and eat slow.

Not Breathing Correctly?

When you breathe too fast and shallow, even if you are working out super ‘hard’ and ‘intense’ you are also triggering your body to produce stress hormones. These hormones, specifically cortisol literally triggers the body to store fat.

BREATHE RIGHT: In-hail through your nose and out of your moth, deep into your lungs every single time to you breathe- never fast shallow breathe during any workout.


If you are going to be successful, you need to learn to manage your stress. If you or anyone you know is thin yet still has that “belly” around the waist, chances are it’s a cortisol belly fat (stress hormone). Stress is best quenched by exercise – if you take part in a good strength and conditioning regiment we guarantee your stress levels will go down, you’ll sleep better and you’ll see great results.

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Unrealistic with your goals?

If you expect results instantly or even in the first few weeks, you may be disappointed. For some people, it takes longer for weight to normalize. Looking great is a normal goal to have, but you should also always have other goals when it comes to your fitness journey- are you getting stronger? more energized? more mobile?  A healthy  lifestyle leads to forever results – be patient. Trust yourself, trust and follow your program and  trust me on this one. It will happen.

fitness meditation

Not sleeping enough?

Not sleeping enough causes you stress – and stress triggers stress hormones which slow your metabolism, your energy levels deplete and your body is triggered to store fat.

Aim to get good sleep (everyone knows how much sleep they need to be productive in their day). Can’t sleep well? It might be stress and/ or poor diet. De-stressing the mind and body starts with creating healthy habits like eating well and exercising in your day.

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