What’s The Value of a New Year Resolution?

Well, Welcome, Welcome, Welcome to a Brand New Year!

Feels good right? you have goals, ideas, hopes, dreams, resolutions… but so often our big ambitions turn into big overwhelming clouds, looming overhead, nagging at us – ‘remember me?’ … ‘and me?’ … ‘and me’… ‘but you promised!’

Picture 6 PAGE 13Anyone who has ever greeted the fresh start of a New Year knows that it can be particularly hard to figure out what to prioritize this time of year. Especially when our brains are so focused on all of the different ways we’d like to grow and all the things we’d like to achieve over the next twelve months.

Eliminating The Burnout

There were many years in my life that were spent making lists of goals, wide in range and glory, each one feeding a different part of my personality. But, after years of coming up empty or short, I realized that to succeed you must narrow the mind for a moment. Your number one goal should be to eliminate the burnout before it happens and get laser focused on what’s truly most important this year — and then to establishing a path to actually getting it done.

You can get healthier, lose weight and gain exceptional strength for example just by taking on one goal: a more disciplined, educated and planned approach to training and nutrition.
You can start training martial arts and along the way meet your goals of learning an art, gaining security, self confidence, skill, discipline and health – you can achieve all of this because the starting point is the same for all of these goals and they can be met in sequence, as you invest your time in one valuable resolution.

But you cannot expect to become a body building champion, and a power-lifter and a diving master, a dog whisperer and learn sign language while you also study three types of yoga. It’s an overload!
Be Specific

In fitness and in martial arts this is actually very easy. The people that get results and achieve great heights in technical ability, strength and so on have one major thing in common,
They do not randomize. Look, if you want to lose weight you make a point to get active. Sadly that goal doesn’t workout for a lot of people because it is way too general. So you hone in, saying you will go to the gym – that is okay. But the only way to get the full results is not to just go to a gym, it is to make a program. Follow a program. Don’t run to random classes and skip meals to make up for the weight-loss guess work. Follow a program.

In martial arts, don’t watch videos and hit the heavy bag, and daydream about training, come in and join a reputable Academy with qualified instructors that are experts at teaching.

Why Make Resolutions?

Your company has goals, milestones you should hit. Actually every project has this, a set of resolutions that will get everyone on a clear path to reach the end result. And so, why not you. It’s not that you have to make resolutions, so often we think of them as promises we cannot keep – but perhaps that is because you never gave them a fair chance. Clouding your real goals with resolutions that don’t make sense or aren’t realistic at the moment. Lacking the follow through to make a clear path to your success.

One thing cannot be argued, goals are essential for human success.
So I dare you in this New Year, make a commitment and value it.



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