What’s Limiting You From Your Progress?


You know this: You only have one body. And your body has amazing potential.

There is no doubt in my mind that if you are following the 7DL programs you are achieving incredible results. However there is still one thing that might be holding you back– Self Imposed Limitations.
Are Your Self Imposed Limitations- Limiting You From Even Greater Rewards?


So, lets answer the question… What Limits You?

Think you have reached your full potential?
There is your limit right there! Anyone who believes they have reached their best is also limiting themselves. When a person sets a limit, he or she puts a limit on what is possible. When a person makes an excuse, he or she believes the excuse, lives the excuse and makes the excuse a part of them. The excuses build up, one day it’s work, the next day its family, the next day will be something else.

Set personal goals and set them as high as the sky
Be patient and follow up with small goals too. You want to set one huge goal and then many smaller goals that can take you all the way to the top to your huge goal, like foot steps.

Re-Think Your Standards
Adjust your standards and adjust to whom you compare yourself. Look to people who are highly successful at what they do. Read stories about athletes. Read biographies of incredible human beings. Aspire to be like your favorite athlete. Look at someone that is truly incredible and compare yourself to them. Set your standards higher than your local peer group. Aim higher then everyone you know. Think you can’t ‘do that’? Be unreasonable. Be crazy. Aim beyond your own expectations! Why not? What do you have to lose verses what you have to gain?

Don’t Be Afraid To Challenge Yourself!
If you have re-taken your fitness test (the one we gave you in your first week of the 7DL program- you would see — you are READY for another challenge! ) By setting and reaching and re-adjusting your personal goals you will undoubtedly break free of self-imposed limitations.

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