What Kettlebell Weight Should You Choose?


Good Question: What Kettlebell Weight Should You Choose?  

Okay! Now that you have a program, you can start it with a dumbbell but eventually you will want your very own kettlebell…

Yes, these guys come in all sorts of colors and even designs- like the monkey kettlebell my husband got me for Valentines Day – but, all kidding and fun aside, kettlebell weight is extremely important. In many motions it will differ significantly from the weight you are used to with regular, non-kettlebell kickboxing dumbbell exercises, so please listen up! 

General Kettlebell/ KB Dumbbell  Weight Recommendations:

New to exercise/ deconditioned: 10, 12 and 15 lb kbs   

Intermediate / active: 15, 20 
PLUS and option for 25-30lb kettlebell for swings  

Advanced/ Highly Trained and/or kettlebell experienced: 20, 25 
PLUS a 35-45lb option for kettlebell swings

Correct Weight for Kettlebell Kickboxing DVDs 

Most kettlebell exercises, excluding something basic like a bicep curl or press, are compound or “multi joint” motions, so you need to pick a kettlebell that is the correct size. 

Remember not all exercises are created equal- if you take a two-pound weight and use it to do a kettlebell swing you will NOT get the benefit of the swing. 

Kettlebell ballistic motions stem from the swing. If you pick a kettlebell that is too light your first instinct will be to lift the kettlebell with your arms. This is the direct opposite of what a kettlebell swing does, so you would receive no benefit and you might even hurt yourself with incorrect biomechanics. 


When distributed across the posterior chain and core, using a weight that is too light will not be enough to get a desired response from the body. 
When choosing a kettlebell, especially for your swing it MUST be a heavier weight then you can lift forward comfortably with your arms. 

 Ideally women should start with no lighter than a 15lb or 20lb kettlebell, and progress to a weight of 30 to 35lbs. Do not worry, as you begin to train with the kettlebell you will see for yourself! 

Kettlebell grinds are more traditional forms of exercise including motions like presses, curls, squats, lunges and rows. For these, you might want to have one or two weight options that are less then your kettlebell ballistics weight.


Choose wisely! and always have FUN.

*Remember you can always start the program using a dumbbell.  

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