Week 1 KBBody #LoveYourJeans workout schedule

Hi KB Community!

First of all we would like to congratulate all of you for making this decision. For some on you it’s a big one, it might mean completely changing your lifestyle, your habits and even re-thinking how you view yourself. For others working out (at home, in classes or in the gym) is already a habit. It might be systematic or it might not be, but every single one of you have your own personal reason for joining the #LoveYourJeans challenge, and we commend you for making a decision towards bettering, challenging and discovering both your Body and your Mind.

Just keep in mind that the days below can be switched up, however we would like you to keep the DVDs and the rest days in the specific order we prescribe below. 

#LoveYourJeans #KBBody

CLICK on each calendar and it will open up in a larger font, you can also pull it off, print it and pace it on your fridge, or keep it on your desk top 😉

sched 1 sched2 sched3 sched 4 sched 5