5 Ways To Meet Your Wedding Weight Loss Deadline

I loved watching my best friend Bella get married. It was an incredible weekend, and I could not be more honored to be a part of it. The best part? knowing that we had used theĀ 7 Day Lean nutrition and fitness program to get her ready for her wedding day… and, she made the cover of Weddings magazine.

To honor her journey here are my:

Top 5 Ways To Meet Your Wedding Fitness (and Wedding Weight Loss) Deadlines

  1. Don’t Stress

    Stress causes fat storing stress hormones like Cortisol to take over your body. This applies to mental stress, and also the stress created by the wrong workout, bad breathing during your training and also by lack of good sleep. These stress hormones can keep you holding on to the last 5 to 10 pounds of body fat (even if you workout and eat clean).

  2. Water!

    Drink up! People commonly mistake thirst for hunger. Plus, dehydration can lead to headaches, fatigue and add stress to the body. Water is essential, do not substitute it with any other drinks!

  3. Don’t Just Workout!

    Especially in this crucial time the type of workouts you do, how often and the quality really matters. As mentioned, over training and bad quality training can trigger stress hormones. A lack of proper recovery can have a very adverse effect on your body. Especially if you only have two or three weeks, the training must be sequenced into a program where every day compliments the next.

  4. Don’t Follow Multiple Plans

    It might seem like a good idea, but think of your computer- if you run too many programs at once it works slower and can crash. The same exact thing goes for nutrition and workout plans. Follow one! Ideally a fitness and nutrition plan that works together. Remember you must trust and do one thing 100 percent to see real results…

  5. Adjust Your Habits Daily

    Even on a short time schedule you cannot expect to change everything about your routine in one day. That’s the most common mistake people make. Getting fit and healthy is still a process your body and mind have to adjust to. Do not overload yourself in your first day. Pick one diet alteration daily. At the same time make it a point to workout and move daily too.

I guarantee if you follow these five tips you will see results faster and you will be able to sustain those results way after your event! The true goal is to have your results for the rest of your life.

All That Hard Work #Workout Paid Off!



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