Video: Leaping Leopard for you to add into your KB DVDs!

A #KBBody favorite, Kettlebell Kickboxing trademark Leopard is one of the most unique ways to sculpt the arms, abs and legs and challenge the core all while opening your chest and poor correcting posture. This motion can burn hundreds of calories. When done in it’s advanced form (as shown) you will raise the heart rate and challenge the body no matter how advanced your fitness level is. In its modified form, anyone can do this and get the benefits.

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KB Community- Dasha wants you to start to add this amazing motion (one of her personal favorites) into your KBBody arms and abs DVDs rest periods, or into your Longevity Scorcher Series DVD. remember- if you are not following a systemized program, and just randomly working out you are NOT reaching your full potential. Follow a program of workouts that are developed by a pro and unlock your bodies true potential.
You have only one body, and this is it.