Use THIS One Move To Sculpt The Arms, Abs, Glutes, Legs & Back … Kettlebell Figure 8

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Lets Add In The Figure-8



KB Figure 8 Swing

  • Using the fundamentals of your swing this motion will be transferring the kettlebell between and behind the legs. Pay attention most o all to your back and make sure that it doesn’t round.
  • Begin by doing two or three single arm swings
  • When ready and have the swing motion perfect swing the kettlebell up, then as it comes back behind the legs take the free arm and bring it behind both legs to meet the kettlebell
    Grab the kettlebell in your opposite hand, switching arms as the kettlebell goes behind the legs and comes up outside of the legs on the other arm
  • As you bring the kettlebell up bring it all the way up to the shoulder and across the body
    Do not switch grips just touch the belly of the kettlebell with your other arm, shoulder level
  • To engage the back make sure that the arm with out the kettlebell touches the kb with the inner palm, and the elbow is up 90 degrees
  • Do not switch the kettlebell here, just touch and return the kettlebell between the legs as you would a traditional single arm swing
    At the same time bring the free hand back behind the legs to meet the bell and switch sides, continuing the drill in a fluid non-stop figure 8


Major glute action
Oblique, core and shoulder strength
Back strength


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