Total Body Shoulder Stability & Glute, Ab Kettlebell & Martial Arts Inspired Workout

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Yessss, we will be working this mornings —-> mobility and shoulder stability into the workout today,
IF THERE WAS ONLY 1 THING I WOULD ADD TO THIS: a flex over the bar arm hand or pull ups

THE 💪🏽 Workout!
✔️1min hip to knee non-loaded transitions with shield
✔️1min to KB swings/ more advanced Kettlebell Kickboxers can do 2swings-1overhead swing- 1squat swing
✔️1min leopard twisting jump thrusters ‘burpees’
✔️1min KB single arm swing switch to clean to push press to Overhead resting lunge – swing switching to other side
✔️1min lateral leopards
✔️1min double handed swing to swing catch to non resting rear lunge pause to Halo – alternating sides
✔️1min switch through the swing switch to clean and press Windmills

EXECUTE as a circuit
4x ideal/ pressed for time,
do 2 circuits
and if u have a bar- flex arm hand or pull up!

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