Too Much Information WILL Derail Your Progress!

STOP listening. STOP asking. STOP googling. STOP reading non-educated bull-sh*t sales copy. 

Hi all-

I will say first and foremost, I LOVE what I do. I do! I love to learn, teach, train, evolve, try, succeed, fail, try again, succeed, give, share, find, create, re-create… its a daily gift!

Having said all of that I will say that most of the women (and men) I come across on a daily basis are all suffering from the same issue- TOO MUCH INFORMATION, NOT ENOUGH COMMITMENT TO ONE THING!

I will say that most of you are suffering the same aliments: you are getting LOST in information. The reason celebrities look amazing when it comes time for them to appear in a bikini on the big screen is because they FOLLOW A PROGRAM. Actually they follow ONE PROGRAM. Sorry, it is not the one that was written about in some magazine, it wasn’t the 5 moves you saw some Kardashian or Aniston do on a glossy page of a magazine – that’s called a magazine sales- and its okay so long as you understand that fact. I love magazines, they inspire, they support us, they expose us to all the ways we can move and enjoy fitness. BUT guys, no pro fighter will give you their routine to getting lean, its their routine. No celebrity will give you her entire routine to looking fab, the studio paid thousands of dollars for that knowledge. More so, its a long and detailed program, its not a 3 motion secret. Its just NOT!

The truth- wait for it- wait for it-wait for it- wait for it…. all it takes is a daily nutrition and training prescription that has been scientifically proven (biomechanics, physiology) to create results. NOT because I said so, or James said so or Peter or Anna or Emily or Tracy- but because SCIENCE said so. The real type of science, the kind that helped us land on the moon, build an iPad, perform surgery- you know actual science. Not made up terms like Muscle Aiding, Global Confusion, The Blending Principle, Stabilizer Cardio (sound cool right? SORRY- I just made ALL those terms up). So its NOT any of the made up Bull-sh*t, its science and hard work and a program.

I know this is a rough, tough post- but it’s the truth. What you need is a program with REAL science. Once you have one, and there are some good ones out there (yes our is one of them, and there are others, but few), you need to FOLLOW IT! Many of you buy/ try programs and don’t follow them fully, you think okay I will eat an added 600 calories today and then walk on the treadmill tomorrow to burn 600 calories and still be on track with the Body Series program. Nope, sorry, not going to happen. NFL players win because they follow a program. UFC fighters win because they follow a game plan. Celebrities look amazing because they follow a program. A program designed by experts. Real credential, accredited, experienced experts.

If you have lost weigh YOU KNOW you did it by following a program. IF you have never lost weight on a diet or workout its because you never followed the full program, or because you did a ‘bull-sh*t program’. Its actually that simple. If you eat more then you should it doesn’t matter if it’s twinkies or Paleo- you will get fat. If you eat less and expand more calorically you can eat twinkies and lose weight (that is a FACT). The problem is on a poor nutritional diet you will lose weight and build bad, unhealthy tissue. So the principle of Energy In vs Energy Out is the ONLY factor that will help you shed pounds. We teach you this in KB Body Series Program, in fact its your FIRST rule in the nutrition guide. Second, the nutritional guidelines of quality food and the quality exercise (balanced anterior-posterior, push-pull, static-locomotion, time interval specific, progressive) based program will get you a lean, balanced and strong body. Thats it. It’s that simple.

STOP listening. STOP asking. STOP googling. STOP reading non-educated bull-sh*t sales copy. 

If you listen to your friend who just got her trainers license last month, or your roommate who is Vegan (there is NOTHING wrong with vegan), or your cousin who lost 50 pounds doing wall squats and juicing YOU WILL DERAIL. You need to focus on one thing. ONE real things (and its not fat burners). You need to find and feel your body. You need to live in your mind and your goals and your skin DAILY. You need to do/ focus on this one thing. ONE MORE THING- you need to be mobile through your day. If you sit 10 hours a day this isn’t going to work as well as it should. You need to move and live and be free mentally and physically and emotionally. STOP googling diets and new exercises and just focus on what you are doing for the next 2 months, every single day- focus. If you do, if you live every hour of your day with a like-minded goal of movement, pure eating, working out, strength and a lack of self-induced stress and external influence you will GAIN YOURSELF a healthier body. You will GAIN YOURSELF a steady and peaceful mind. YOU WILL find yourself a path. If you listen too much to everything and dedicate partially- no one will be able to help you. DISCIPLINE will be the deciding factor here. If you are not disciplined to live a life of movement, enlightenment, peace, purity, internalization- then there is no hope for you.

Externally things will always happen, thats life and thats okay. But internally you must work towards a calm state. You must be that person as much as you can until you become her. You must try daily to FAKE it until you BECOME it! You must live daily like the person you are working to be- and one day you will wake up and you will be that person inside and out. You will be that person in rain, sleet , snow or sun. You will be that person with out excuse or question. Successes in our DNA. Strength is in our DNA. Find it. And more so then anything else- have fun finding it. Enjoy this movement of self discovery, let no one detour you, Let no one cloud you. Talk to like minded individuals- get rid of doubters. Inspire others with your actions, your results, your focus, your calm and your clarity.