This Warm Up/ Strength Mobility Drill Will Rid You of Knee & Back Pain


Hi KB family,
Today we discuss the quality of your motion.
And if you suffer from knee, back, ankle, neck pain – this video and this post is for you.

👆🏻👆🏾👇🏼Watch the VIDEO – It’s ReaLLY ImPortAnt StuFf

Today we are looking at two essential lower body level changes;
Hip Hinging vs. Knee Bending

PUT this sequence together as:
•Active rest btw sets in your workout (do 5)
•Warm Up (after your non loaded war ups (10 total)
•As an exercise ( 4 sets of 1 min)

How Does This Help Your battle Knee and back Pain?
Modern people (those who work and do lost of thing sitting) cannot execute the hip hinge and have a high level of difficulty also executing a proper knee bending motion – this means that the muscles that are supposed to ‘fire’ in this movement just DONT!

That causes muscle imbalances through the body, causing tightness and weakness and in turn creating pain in the joints that are supposed to be supported by those ‘non working’ muscle groups. Your body becomes ‘imbalanced’ and the joint suffers causing over use pain like runners or jumpers knee, and back tightness and pain.

To put this in simple context, imagine a wheel or two on your car weren’t working properly – DANGER! and Injury.

Its the same concept when your body lacks proper biomechanics.

👆👆🏿IF YOU DON’T ADDRESS THIS, You will for sure suffer from:
•muscle imbalance
•lack of performance in sport or activity
•high potential for acute injury
•higher potential for overuse injury •poor form, posture, movement

💯So by teaching your body to distinguish between the two level changes, and also execute them correctly while firing the right muscles  you will help your body battle all of the above.

MORE DETAIL of level changing essential to battling knee and back pain:

  • HIP HINGE (Kb Swing in this exercise) : Bend at the hip first, like you ae leaning over the kettlebell
  • KNEE BEND (second motion in video) : Bend at the knee first, but also use the hip, pushing the knees apart on way down, pretend you are slinging back in a chair – go deep
  • OVERHEAD REACH: More advanced, but once the deep squat is mastered add it
  • Heals never (EVER) leave the ground on way down or back – in either motion 🙏

Now, Lets place this into an awesome total body kettlebell workout:


The workout above can be done two ways, depending on your mood:
1. Ladder this workout
2. 1 min each with 15 sec breaks btw

Ladders will be;
20 of each, 15 of each, 12 of each, 10 of each, 8 of each, 5 of each Exercise in a progression one after the other… with rest taken when yo need and (IMPORTANT) with modifications taken when your form suffers from reps.

Modification includes:
•bending knees in dips and pushups
•getting rid of Kbs if needed
•lowering weight
•going slower

The Moves  *you can use kettle bells or dumbbells for this workout

Start with the motion we discussed in this post: Deep non loaded squat to Hip hinge reach (open up chest and look up in a deep twist as yo hip hinge)

•KB Pushup
•KB Deadlifts
•KB Dips
•KB Single leg deadlift left
•KB Single leg deadlift left
•KB Pushup to Plank Lateral Walk
•KB Dips
•KB Hip Thruster Single Leg Left
•KB Hip Thruster Single Leg Right