Gearing Up For the New Year: Think process, Not product in your #KBBody journey

The Dalai Lama says that when life becomes too complicated and overwhelming it is very important to step back and examine what the true reasoning behind your efforts and goals are. In truth he argues that it is internal peace and happiness that we work so hard for.

I believe that when changing your body, adapting a new routine and trying to accomplish something – we are all inherently still fighting for the same exact thing: happiness. Therefor it is important to keep that mindset alive when you are trying to accomplish your weightless and health goals. You are doing this to be happy. So stressing over yesterdays misses or taking todays achievement as an end all be all is not the way to being content with yourself.

The most important thing is to have perspective. ASK YOURSELF frequently: Why am I doing this? Happiness. If its for heath, then still to be healthy is to be happy. If its for beauty, recognition, then the basis or outcome for this is still happiness. alex-ny

If you are following your Kb Body program, the one designed for you in the KB Body booklet then that means that you have rose to the challenge of change and discipline.

You took the steps to change your body in, making it stronger and more willing to endure and enjoy the things it was meant to do. You made it, and are still working towards making it look better, losing body fat and gaining lean muscle. (Remember the scale tells a very small story for most of you that are hoping to shed between 30-5 lb.., usually at this phase it will be your clothing, the inches lost from your hips, legs, arms and waste, as well as the newly tight and defined areas of the body that are the true markers of change).

So I tell you- enjoy this process. Find joy and happiness in your program, in your journey.

Know this: nothing will last if you don’t change your life. To change your life you must feel happiness from what you are doing. If your life is good, you should still actively be working to make it even better. To challenge yourself.

Don’t feel daunted, because that process has already begun. You couldn’t have achieved what you already have without at least beginning to reinvent your life, your body, your fitness level, the way you see your future.

Think about it. Are you the same person you were when you started the KB program? Does your mind feel the same? Your body? Do you look the same? Can you do more? Are you less tired? Is your mood better? Do you have more personal value and purpose? Do you look forward to physically challenging your body?

I doubt that you, reading this now are the same person you were when you first ordered the Body Series. If you’ve stuck with my program- the KB Body program this far, I’m certain that you have already made a commitment to yourself to lead a different kind of life, and have already started living that life. You could not have achieved what you already have without making that commitment and that change.

Whats next?

Step 1: Keep it up. Think process, not product.

Celebrate your journey, and forget about your destination. Your journey is your new life. It is a life of movement, action, awareness, discovery, and effort without end. It’s not a life for the lazy. It’s the life of a traveler – the life of someone on a quest. If you do this correctly you will want more and more challenges even past the initial 60 days. You might start to work for strength, for the personal best we discussed, for other goals- the world is yours- you just need to take it day by day and enjoy it. Even the tough days- enjoy them.

Continue to challenge yourself, as you did in your first week. And you have to continue to discover yourself, as you did in your second and third weeks

Step 2:

Accept yourself:
And now, to fully continue the change, and to gain the reward of results – you must do more.
Now you must do the hardest task of all.

You must accept yourself – You see most people fail because they want the world to unfold for them in a week or two, but that is simply not the case. It can’t. It takes time. When people see changes in the first week or two they get excited. But by week four too often I see people become discouraged because they can not accept themselves – they want change to come in an instant. You didn’t gain all of your weight in 4 weeks, it took years to gain weight, lose mobility and strength. And now you want those years of poor habits to simply be wiped clean in four weeks. Its the wrong attitude, this type of thought leads to failure.

Don’t worry! It doesn’t mean that it will take you years to regain your shape, strength and health. Luckily, in my experience 60 days sets you on a great path, but still there is always a continued effort. Do not look at the end result. Envision your goals in steps, enjoy your steps and keep on going. You must accept yourself first, and you must keep moving. Keep up the routine, the training, the eating and the personal discipline.

That is the ultimate life change. To accept yourself and STILL keep going. That, and only that, will empower you to live the kind of life that will lock in your fitness forever. You can do this. You only have a little further to go.