The Movement Workout – And Why You Can’t Get Enough Of It


Instead of consistently breaking your body down with motion that looks ‘cool’ but is highly impactful and overly repetitive in one plane of motion, ADD this 3 version JKD get Up to your cardio-insertions of kettlebell swings, squats, pull ups, rows, presses and so on…

Lets watch the GetUp video, and place this into your routine instead of those crazy non-stop jumps or burps (trust me, your better off doing this for cardio and time-under-tension push ups on their own).


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MORE ABOUT your pretty bad choice of high impact jumping ‘cardio insertions’

Guys, it’s just not the thing to do: break your body down for the sake of elevating your heart rate, most of you (yessss you and toooo many of your ‘fitness icons’ to, breath so poorly during all of these ‘cardio bursts’ that hormonally you’re doing more harm then good for your goals, weight loss and your body). Genetics plays a huge role in how ppl look so don’t be fooled.
In our home fitness program we always make sure to

Motion however doesn’t lie – ever! You can either move with quality, move with pain, move restricted or (sadly) not be able to move at all. You know when you don’t have full range in a squat or in a lunge. When you lack the strength to push your own body weight up.

This variation of ‘get ups’ will help you build (safely build) your natural God given strength and mobility. *And yesssss you should be able to lightly ‘fall or roll’ back on the yoga mat.
The movement, will get your heart rate up, but it is also essentially a truly a great overall builder of strength, functionality and mobility.

It will open the hips, engage the abs and flutes and get your ‘cardio’ work in as well. So add this into any workout – and if you do our programs at home (see home fitness programs here) you already know this, but Dasha did give you a few more variations!

About Motion and how to work it on your ‘Off Days’

While the movement above is great for actual training and strength training days, on days off, you should be working your mobility as well, and don’t consider this a chore, instead think of it as a time to connect wither body.

So on days off of training, you still need to move.
So, no matter where you are or what the weather, simply just get a mat out and move – putting 5-10-15 mins on the clock.

We call it Body Meditation
And it looks like this,

Just sit on a mat, grass, or even your carpet and simply begin to see, listen to and feel which way the body needs and wants to go and go for it, hold as long s you feel you need- tuning inward and starting a real communication with yourself
tune in guys – health is movement and physical-mental and spiritual – and your body needs it .

What is Mobility Anyway?

Well for starters mobility is most important!

Mobility is the single most defining and important factor in your fitness. It is not strength or flexibility that matters most— it is mobility. What is mobility? By a basic definition, it is the ability to move freely; in the fitness world, we would define this as the area where your strength and flexibility meet.

A visual example would be if I hold your leg up as high as your body allowed—that would be your flexibility. Your strength alone would be how much weight that leg can lift or push in a strength-based motion like a squat or lunge. But your mobility is the ability and height of that leg when you hold it up, using both flexibility and strength together (with no aid from anyone else).

This is important because in fitness, mobility is true health! Remember that your body can’t just be strong or just be flexible; the two are not complete without each other. Working toward mobility is working toward pain-free movement and the freedom to use your body at its best capacity.

How do you work your mobility? The Kettlebell Kickboxing workout is full of drills that develop mobility. Just about every kick and swing you do will help develop that for you. Another way to help develop mobility is in your warm-ups and cool-downs