Thanksgiving Recipes – We Call It #KBBody Safe Splurging!

Hi KB Body gals!

Real talk here- what Thanksgiving should not be is an excuse to reclaim unhealthy habits, however the holidays should not be a time to stress about your body or your diet. So what do you do?

When you have been living the KB Body lifestyle, or any healthy lifestyle for a long time, the holiday season no longer brings the stress of missing workouts or falling off your diet. You of all people should know by now that there is no ‘diet’ in your life, nor is there a constant struggle to make the gym or be active- as we practice all of the time with the KB community (Classes, DVDs, Lifestyle Blog real talk), you have a healthy routine that is deeply engrained into you life. Working out is as important as a meeting scheduled at work, or as making dinner for your family. Eating healthy, whole foods is as natural to you and your family as walking the dog or going out with friends. You understand how to make healthy choices, and you enjoy them. You also continue t set up goals for yourself- because goals are like life markers for you- they keep you engaged, focused and they keep you motivated.

So here are some #KB Body dishes that are Healthy Splurges! So go ahead, #Enjoy 

No Panic Pumpkin Pie 

 Let them eat cake. Well actually, in this case, low sugar, super natural pumpkin pie. Don’t buy the store kind, make your own and eat this nutrient filled, lower sugar version with NO GUILT.



Green Bean Veggie Casserole 

 Veggies can be fun. Combine three heart healthy, low calorie, slimming ingredients: green beans, zucchini and squash. Filling, delish and makes a perfect turkey pairing. Enjoy!


Whose Cooler Then This, Cranberry Sauce

Never made your own cranberry sauce. The store stuff is full of sugar and sodium and all sorts of fake stuff. If you don’t plan… you wont succeed. Heres your Cranberry plan- clean, low sugar, natural & good  for ya! Enjoy.



Don’t Diet On A Holiday… or Ever! 

It’s always great to have a goal and a plan, but as we always say in #KBBody community – do not diet! Your family and friends will think you are a fanatic and will try to pressure you to eat too much of the foods that aren’t great for you just to have you ‘enjoy the holiday’.

Instead make smart choices and fill up your plate wit turkey, salads and portion control your favorite ‘guilty pleasures’. If you diet through Thanksgiving by eating very little, you will be far more likely to ‘fall of’ your diet in the evening while helping clean the dishes, and that can lead to complete over indulgence- and guilt.