Take This Fitness Challenge – We Dare You!


Are you looking for a challenge? A challenge that can help you transform your body, and take your goals to a whole new place…

If you think that you’ve got what it takes… try it! And don’t worry, you can be very fit but not know your way around the kettlebell — that is why we included a bonus 50 minute beginner kettlebell fundamentals lesson in the program, placed on both discs as a BONUS!


as207-ab21c1dc-c837-4233-8dfc-fbeef5f925fb-v2Scorcher Series 2.0
Take The Challenge!

Killer Combos
a 45 minute Scorcher complete with your fav KB moves as well a whole new set of Swing and Lift variations.

Pure Power
a 51 minute Scorcher complete with the squat swing and side swing options!

NOW Also Available On INSTANT download!

Complete with workout calendars to work into your current KB Scorcher, Body and even 7 Day Lean programs.
BONUS 50 minute Beginner and Review video on both discs.
Modifications/ beginner in each workout.
Complete with Scorcher 2.0 downloadable book and 5 more BONUS downloads.


Your RESULTS can look like this: