Take A Tour of the New Kettlebell Kickboxing Flagship NYC Facility #2014Goals

Last Monday (December 23rd 2013) marked the end of the year for us here at Anderson’s Martial Arts Academy & Kettlebell Kickboxing flagship NYC location (our 18th year serving the public in NYC).

We couldn’t have imagined a better way to close out 2013 than with the phenomenal memories, events, workshops, classes, new students, 60-day challenges and especially the personal accomplishments of all of our staff and our students.

In our martial arts classes, Sifu Anderson personally made 12 black-belts this year. In total we had 623 belt promotions in Jeet Kune Do, Filipino Martial Arts and Brazilian JiuJitsu combined.

In KB classes, and in our virtual community, we saw amazing results of weight-loss, rehab, strength, mobility, and health. We saw many KB students meet their personal goals of weight loss, marathons, triathlons, and countless other personal endeavors.

It has been incredible to help so many students reach their personal goals. To be a part of your progress and your lives.

It has truly been an amazing year and as always an unforgettable journey for all of us.

You might ask how we plan on making 2014 even better, more valuable and even more exciting. Well, as always we found a way…

When you return to KB & AMAA NYC on January 2nd (today), you will find that while our address is still the same – 394 Broadway – AMAA & KB has a new home on the GROUND FLOOR of our building!

There is a brand new facility waiting for all of you for a brand new year of goals, accomplishments, and new memories.

2014 KB Projects:

We also plan on launching the 7 Day Lean project mid-March – all on digital download. Dasha will also be publishing the Bikini Bible nutrition book just in time for summer!

Our YouTube Channel and Blog videos will begin to air as of Monday! Their structure will be Lifestyle, Workout Quickies, & Trouble Shooting Tips, and Nutrition Guides.

While this is all very exciting news, you know what they say – the more things change, the more things stay the same!

As always, we are committed and dedicated to your goals and accomplishments. To your learning and your development both physically, spiritually and mentally.

Take a tour of our new NYC flagship facility (& if your in NYC, drop by and see for yourself)

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