Take a Leap of Faith – Changing Your Mindset Can Help Transform Your Body

I think that our mission , or lets say one if our missions as fitness professionals, teachers, coaches, Sifu’s, Simo’s and even parents and friends is to inspire people to dream. To teach people to have faith and trust in themselves. And to help people literally Take A Leap of Faith on themselves.

So naturally I would like to talk a bit about how  Taking a Leap Of Faith and Changing Your Mindset Can Help Transform Your Body (inside and out).

When I look back at my life experiences, I often find that it’s the leaps of faith that have gotten me to the places I am today.  It’s true, no one wants to dangle in the wind… But if I never took the chances I did through out my life, I would not have the treasure chest of memories, the endless experiences, the character building triumphs or my fluent nature.

I see a picture in Egypt and I think- what if I never had the guts!?  Well- I guess I would always wonder.    No guts- No glory!

I am not saying jump on every bus. Some train stops are made to be passed, some experience not worth the repercussions. My advise is to make what I call – natural decisions. Ones that make just enough sense, ones that are truly relevant.

For me, relevance has alway maintained itself in love and true experience. I gave up a good (but boring and selfish) career to do what I LOVE. I gave up a very luxurious situation for the love of my life. I gave up fear for travel, logistics for strife, comfort for growth, authority for learning.

When I was 18 years old I realize that I was not leading a healthy lifestyle. I was inactive, alway tired and overweight. I wasn’t living. Getting off the couch and actually starting my first fitness DVD (Elle Macpherson workout) was one of the toughest things ever. But soon enough, with the help of martial arts and of course working out everything changed. The scariest steps where my first, but once I took them my life changed! It opened up. Suddenly everything began to fall into place. I was becoming the person I had always wanted to be- in my work, school, personal life and of course in my body. Now, today-  I prefer to give up comfortability for evolution. The evolution of experience, success, relevance, learning and giving back.


So I ask you now, what ever path you choose- make it one to talk about! – Leap into Faith.

Having said that, I think it is important to evaluate what might be prohibiting YOU from ‘Leaping’ (both literally and figuratively speaking).

Fitness for me is the primary vehicle to unlock experience, adventure, life, friendship, family and other such treasures. It gives hope in the most authentic way possible. There is no makeup, no smoke and mirrors- you give and you get. You dedicate and you receive the direct results.

 Real talk:

  • If you want a stronger body, look at your conditioning, your body composition and your health. 
  • If you want a clearer mind and less stress- look at your conditioning,  your body composition  and your health.
  • If you want more success at work- look at your conditioning,  your body composition  and your health. 
  • If you want personal success- look at your conditioning, your body composition and your health.
  • If you want to make a difference in the world- look at your conditioning, your body composition and your health.

It is crucial that our bodies are strong, capable, physically challenged and connected with our minds. It is crucial that we live our days feeling energized and strong, capable and willing. NOT sick and weak.

If you have not trained in a long time or ever you are probably daunted by the process of starting back up.

You might feel so de-conditioned that you feel like there is no hope for you- WRONG.

You need to try to look at your training routine as a form of meditation – because it is (or can be). A journey of self discovery.

YOUR first goal in taking a leap of faith is simple:  

  • 1. Get rid of  by bad posture
  • 2. get rid of by self-defeating style
  • 3. Get rid of self defeating thoughts
  • 4. get rid of doubt
  • 5. get rid of inhibition
  • 6. Forget hesitation
  • 7. have faith in yourself
  • 8. Smile


Remember: This is the mindset that you will be carrying into the rest of your life.

Make sure you get it right.   Act  as if your life depends upon it.   Your mind  your body’s best friend.

Finally be present in your life:734834_466297256752796_658698688_n

Focus on your dreams, your goals, your hopes, your passions, your health, your training, your support system, your mind, your life experience. Listen. Stay open minded. Act like a kid. Explore

DO NOT expect anything! Just enjoy the process of a new program. Enjoy the process of self discovery! ,

So, go on! Take a leap of faith, start a new program. make a dedication. Try something, maybe this 60 day program, maybe learning French or booking a trip to Korea. Maybe ALL of it! Do something NOW that challenges you- even scares you a bit!

And Finally, HONOR WHERE YOU’RE AT — NOT WHERE YOU WANT TO BE! If you honor yourself now, take on your goals and live fearless you will soon enough get to your goals and destinations 9and maybe even pass them)