Should You Be Weighing Yourself?


Should You Be Weighing Yourself?

OKAY SO, know we aren’t just about just weighting yourself – that goes beyond everything we have been talking about in this challenge and in all of our programs. But tracking progress and weight in a healthy way to help you understand how effective your program is important, this can also motivate you to continue to progress and go beyond your initial goals…

Thing is tracking just weight is SUPER TRICKY; for someone new to real fitness progress losing weight and gaining lean, strong muscle can truly fool you into thinking you haven’t made progress when you have. 

Beauty and strength lies in our differences, not in our similarities.


Should You Be Weighing Yourself?

Your Weight Doesn’t Tell The Whole Story

When you are training and eating right, it can change the way your clothes fit, the quality of your skin, and improve your energy level and endurance. But the scale may not show those changes, or at least not in the way you think. When you weigh in, you’re measuring everything that has weight, including not just your body fat, muscle, and bone tissue, but also water weight (which can fluctuate wildly), undigested food (even if it all gets burned off later), and waste that your body hasn’t yet eliminated.
So if, for example, you’re retaining water, your weight can be higher, even if you’ve lost body fat. If you lost fat but gained muscle that can also be an issue.

Measuring how your clothing looks and fits, how you feel and your body fat percent is a much better option.
Weight Isn’t A Perfect Indicator Of Body Composition
Five different women of the same height and weight can each wear different sizes, and a sixth, who weighs more, can have a lower body fat percentage than her lighter companions.
Muscle vs. Fat?
A pound of muscle and a pound of fat weigh the same (a pound!), but they do look different; While it’s a myth that muscle weighs more than fat (a pound of muscle and a pound of fat both weigh a pound), getting rid of a pound of fat and gaining a pound of muscle can have a huge impact on how your body looks, and how metabolically active it is. To put it in perspective, visualize a 16-ounce ultra lean steak compared to a pound of lard.

Weighing Less Doesn’t Always Equal Looking Or Feeling Better
One of my clients finally let go of her weight focus when she found that she looked more toned, and wore smaller jeans, when her weight was higher than her “ideal” goal. In trying to reach her lower magic number, she began to look flabby. And the stress of the pursuit took a toll on her immune system and sleep quality, which led to perpetual cravings and a roll of belly fat, common side effects of raging stress hormones. Basically she was living in scale hell.

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