Sculpt Your Booty with a Chair – Plus, SuperSets


How To Use A Bench To Superset Your Lower Body Workout & Sculpt The Booty

Your workout is a Superset using a bench and a kettlebell/ or dumbbell you choose!

Here is the WoRkOut

is your TOTAL BODY – yet Lower Body – Booty firming, leg strengthening workout
It’s and its a SUPER SET:

4 sets of each BACK TO BACK!
12 reps of each exercise | 1 min swings

When needed to alternate sides go 12 each side;

1min kettlebell swings to 12 wall/ bench facing loaded squats
12 single leg split bench deadlift each side to kettlebell swing switch
12 single leg split squats to single leg hip thrusters
12 bench leg lift lockouts a leg to 1min knee based hip thrusters

4 sets of each before you move on to the next pair!
It’s a full lower body workout, so ENJOY!

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* Supersets save time by reducing the rest interval between two exercises.
* Shortening the rest period between sets will increase intensity by performing more work in less time.
and engaging the muscle- stimulating in a new and highly effective way
* Supersets also allow you to increase the intensity of your workout by overloading a muscle.

* Super sets do require a very specific protocol – – THE KEY HERE IS TO SLOW!

and now for some FUN!

Cheers and happy training fromĀ Iceland