bikini body It takes forever for me to lose a pound. I tried different routines, gyms, working out at home, but I felt that it doesn’t help me. So I decided to find something fun, challenging and intense that fits my energy level. I saw a KB class trial flier and decided to try it out.After that first class i had understood that this is my working out “church”. Since then i have become the KB addict. I go to classes 4 times a week. The classes are so much fun, instructors are amazing and have different teaching styles , great variety of exercises so it is never boring. I learned about form and how to listen to my body during work out, how the mind set is important as well.

KB DVD series such as Scorcher and 7 Days lean helped me when I was away at the vacation. The Book by Dasha Kettlebell Kickboxing is my table bible now. I always pick something cool from there to add it to my home working out routine outside the studio.

I love my heavy toys!! I like to challenge myself with heavier weights and love to sweat. I adjusted my meals and started to look at my nutritions more seriously. Combining KB and healthy eating I see my body changes. It is work in progress. Yes, it is slow for me. But it is my lifestyle now. I love how it makes me feel.

To join KB and start the DVDs at home – it was the best decision I have made for me. Hard work does pay off. And it is fantastic. I can totally show off my tummy in the bikini now 🙂 never thought I would 🙂

I highly recommend!!!!