My journey has been a long and steady one. I started at 209 the heaviest I had ever been my whole life. I have two kids both delivered by C-section. My son was already 5 in my before picture so the “baby” weight excuse was definitely played out!!! I was so busy taking care of everyone else I had neglected myself. At the time I lived in the middle of nowhere and didn’t have access to a gym. I saw an ad for a workout that involved kickboxing and kettlebells and I jumped at it. I took my before picture in the bikini and promised myself that I would make progress. NO MATTER HOW SLOW..I would NEVER GIVE UP!!! Fast forward to now..many of KB’s DVD programs later I love KICKBOXING and I have grown to LOVE Kettlebells too.

My goal is to finish my transformation. I know it’s NOT everyone’s goal BUT I want to get up on stage and show other mom’s what can be done FROM THE COMFORT OF YOUR HOME. YOU DONT NEED a gym membership. I’ve ordered KB BODY and will be getting ALL the DVD’s to keep my body guessing and progressing. I’ll keep you guys updated on my progress..OH and I’m 40..hovering in the 130’s , and in the best shape of my life SO far by the way so NEVER too late 🙂