Dasha is a wonderful instructor & excellent motivator. I have fallen in love with the Kettlebell Kickboxing Scorcher Series DVDs. The workouts are challenging yet I believe they are truly a great workout for everyone at all levels, In the beginning I was able to take it slow and train with a modified individual (Dasha or one of the girls always shows slower pace and modified motion). Later, as the days passed I was able to further challenge myself. The workouts have two to three options of difficulty, plus there is a beginner DVD that allowed me to work and progress until I felt confident and secure to take on the Transformation program (It only took a week of the beginner program to feel educated enough in Dasha’s training methods)!

With Kettlebell Kickboxing in my living room I feel stronger, sexier, more confident and balanced. If you want a workout that makes you sweat, get toned and makes you feel awesome this is exactly what you want. I highly recommend the Kettlebell Kickboxing Body Series and Scorcher Series to anyone looking for a challenging and effective workout (I have both!). I feel like I know the girls in each DVD and they truly do train with you, from Diane who is the modified beginner in Scorcher to Jenel who is the advanced athlete, and of course Dasha who talks you through every step. Best part- you don’t even need a kettlebell to start (they have a dumbbell version)

I LOVE KETTLEBELL KICKBOXING and I LOVE Dasha’s training methods. My current body speaks for itself, just look at the shape I am able to sustain in my 40′s. All from my living room, on my time, three to four times a week. Thank YOU!

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