Dasha puts so much time and energy into making the workouts instructional, challenging, motivational and fun. It’s impossible to be bored by these workouts. The way she explains everything makes you feel like you understand what you are doing and the reason why you are doing it, which is really important.

In the past, I had experienced some challenges with form on various KB moves, but the way that Dasha explains everything made the moves feel more natural and eventually I was doing the advanced versions!

Dasha’s programs work, I am a fan of both the Body series and the Scorcher Series DVDs, and i can’t wait for the 7 Day lean to come out!

Get the program, commit and succeed, its that simple! And trust me, a girl that lost over 100 pounds on her fitness journey – you must be on a good program to see and keep your results.

The time is now- go for it!

– Michelle Cast

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