I was a gymnast in the early part of my life. Then, I stopped training after high school and began to dedicate myself to my studies and later my masters degree. It was tough to workout, I spent every waking moment studying, and had no time for the gym. Suddenly I realized that the sacrifice of giving up my gym routine cost me- I had gained over thirty extra pounds, and I am a small girl! I had a wedding coming up, and it was suddenly essential for me to regain my body, my strength and also de-stress during a time in my life when I was planning a wedding and finishing my degree.

I purchased Dasha’s DVDs – the Scorcher Series after I heard about her through a friend. I put the first disk in and never looked back! It was simple to keep up with the plan Dasha provided, on my busy days I did one disk, and on days when I had more time I did her ‘Stack’ program. I had never realized how much easier it was to get your workouts done at home! I just put in the DVD and got it done. Its great that the workout times are all different, 25, 30, 35 and 45 minutes. After just four weeks I lost over 15 pounds, in the past several months I got down to my old weight, and my body has become leaner and fitter then ever before. I have muscle definition, I look and feel sexy – I LOVE the way I look. The DVDs are fun and easy to train with. Dasha is awesome- and all I can say is… I am too excited to begin the 60 day Body Series (I just ordered it) . Thank You Dasha

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