Margot Bingham

HBO’s Margot Bingham gets Red Carpet and Movie Ready with 7 Day Lean

When I travel I took the DVDs with me everywhere I went. The 7 Day Lean is the easiest because it does not require any.

Dasha has trained me for many of my roles and concerts, she’s a friend and a great trainer. It was faith that she was testing the Body Series program when I began my work with HBO’s Boardwalk Empire. I am a singer and performer so my schedule is demanding and my body has to stay in shape both inside and out. This program did it for me. We actually used the full Body Series for 60 days straight, when I traveled I took the DVDs. They work and Dasha is a mad scientist when it comes to the female shape. All I have to say is, if you start your program today, 60 days from now- watch out!

– Margot Bingham
HBO’s Boardwalk Empire and Recording Artist