I am a 43 year old mother of four girls and one boy, their ages range from 25-13 and yes the youngest is the boy! I have maintained a 50lb weight lost thanks to the Kettlebell Kickboxing Series.

I learned about your Kettlebell Kick boxing Scorcher Series from a fall issue of Self Magazine after I had already lost 30lbs. I lost my infamous 30lb with Weight Watcher and working out 30 minutes 6 days a week with other dvd home workout programs. Thanks to the Kettlebell Scorcher Series I went on to losing another 20lb and am down to my high school weight, my husband says I look better now then I did when we got married!

I love, love, love combining the KB Body Series with the Scorcher Series! I haven’t lost any more weight, but have built strength and muscle during the Love Your Jean Challenge. I started the challenge using 8,10, and 15lb kettle bells doing an average of 16-20 reps per one minute interval. I have upgraded my 8 &10lb bells with a 12lb. I am now using the 12 & 15lb bells doing an average of 18-28 reps per one minute interval and my thrusters have gone from 8 to 20 per one minute interval! I plan in purchasing a 20lb soon for my KB swings 🙂

I am looking forward to completing the limitless challenge, I hope you will be sending more weekly workout calendars with this phase.
Your 7 DayLean will be available at a perfect time for me, as my oldest daughter is getting married in July 🙂

Your KB friend from Michigan