Today I’m going to talk about my personal struggle with losing the baby weight after both my pregnancies…I’m suffering from the baby weight blues. This is a very popular topic amongst moms because fitness and getting back into our pre-baby shape is important. For me, looking good helps me feel good…and anyone who says different is lying. That’s why most of us don’t or can’t wear sweatpants to work because when you get dressed up you tend to feel better and smarter. If I look like a slob…I feel like a slob, it’s something called Enclothed cognition (I will discuss this science in a future post). It’s the same with working out. When I exercise…I eat better…sleep better…my mood is better…basically I live better!!!

Personally I loved being pregnant and showing off that baby belly. I also strived to still be stylish during my pregnancies. I loved feeling the baby move too. Just the mere thought of becoming a mom has got to be the best feeling in the world. That said after those precious babes of mine were born I was left with what looked and felt like a deflated balloon of a belly. I also didn’t feel like my fabulous self and of course this is normal. It can be defined by something called the baby blues. After both of my c-sections I was advised by my doctor not to work out for the first 6-8 weeks postpartum. Of course, I waited longer to work out again because 1.I was exhausted and 2. Couldn’t physically handle it. When living in NYC you can’t just hop in your car and go to the gym. Oh no…it’s a  whole process…that involves a lot of walking and climbing subway stairs. Those of you who have had c-sections know how awful stairs are for your recovery process! That said I started when I felt ready which was 3 months postpartum.

I’m the type of gal that gets bored working out so I need the latest workout fad to get me going. In high school my BFF and I did Billy Blanks Tae Bo. In college I did step aerobics and hot yoga. And in getting in shape for my wedding I did P90X. So after gaining around 55lbs after my pregnancies I decided to try Kettlebell KickboxingI’m not going to lie, during my first workout I felt like a contestant on The Biggest Loser. I kept thinking if they can do it so can I. It’s a combination of kickboxing, swinging a kettlebell and boot camp style training. I seriously have to have someone yell at me to do things to get them done. So this was perfect for me! After 6 months of commitment (no matter what) I lost all the baby weight after my first pregnancy. Yay! Unfortunately, after baby #2 it has not been the same journey.

I’m currently on my 6th month of working out postpartum and have lost 50lbs! My personal goal is to be the weight I was before baby #1 before baby #2’s first birthday! I’m a firm believer in setting realistic goals. So I think a year is more than enough time. That means I still have 10 more pounds to go. You can see pictured above my before and after pic 10 weeks after doing kettlebell classes. That’s also me with fav Kettlebell Kickboxing instructor Jenel. She will tell you all my sweating, complaining about burpees and hardwork is paying off…slowly but surely. She motivates me every class that I can do it and to BREATHE. You see if you want permanent and healthy weight loss it takes time (according to the Mayo Clinic). Find something you like to do active and make it your exercise because again if you don’t enjoy yourself you’re not going to commit. You also have to watch what you’re mindlessly putting in your mouth. That handful of your kid’s goldfish or snacking on their leftover nuggets will cost you. Trust me I know! There’s no magic pill…if there was I would have found it! Diet and exercise is it…PERIOD.

Most importantly and I say this with a heavy heart…give yourself time!!! It’s hard being a mom and raising the future generation of the planet. It is something that has forever changed and challenged me to be a better human. Surround yourself with love and people who support you. I’m lucky enough to have an awesome husband and amazing friends who support my journey and are always there with encouraging words!