My name is Eva, I’m 26 and I’m from Poland (currently living in UK). 2010 was my year. I graduated a great University, got married and moved from small town to big city- Warsaw. Unfortunately I didn’t know anyone there, I left my family and friends, moving 600 kilometers from Warsaw. It was hard. To make matters worse I couldn’t find a job. To cheer up I started eating as it was making me feel “happy”, when I wasn’t eating I was angry, it was like addiction. In 2012- 2 years after my wedding day I realized that since that time I gained 20 kg (44 pounds) , suddenly I was overweight for the first time in my life! (I’m quite short person- about 156cm/ 5’1 feet tall and I weighted 74kg/ 163 pounds!).

I was unemployed, depressed and everything in my life was falling apart. I was fat. I couldn’t wear my old clothes. Also my wedding ring didn’t fit any more because my fingers were fat. I was ashamed of myself so my relationship with my husband also changed. I didn’t want him to look at me because I was obsessively thinking how fat I am. I was embarrassed that I’m not the same person who he married. I didn’t feel attractive, I didn’t feel like a woman any more. I stayed at home all the time so I didn’t have to make-up or dress nicely, so I didn’t. Actually I didn’t care about myself. I was avoiding meetings with my family and friends because I didn’t want them to see how I looked. I felt very lonely at that time. I also had some serious problems with my health- my hormones and stomach aches every day, not even mentioning the toxins in my body. I had to do something with my life and I thought that if I could learn to take control of my body and my weight, I would be able to regain control of myself. And I wasn’t wrong about this!

I tried a couple of workouts, but non kept me interested to come back for the second time. Then, while searching I saw Kettlebell Kickboxing for the first time on youtube- it was short promo of Scorcher Series DVD, I loved the way it looked, and it was so unique, I knew I have to buy it 😉 When I made the first swing with Kettlebell Kickboxing I crossed some kind of border – every day I changed my life, little by little, workout by workout. Suddenly little each day did so much. It wasn’t easy at all times, but Dasha gave me motivation required, everyday I learned to fight the things that brought me to the place I hated. Every Kettlebell Kickboxing session was giving me strength for the next day. All my previous weaknesses were gone when I was taking the kettlebell into my hand. The effort I put in the exercises combined with amazing motivation from Dasha gave me strength to change everything I wanted. It sounds simple, and if you put the work in, take the time, listed and follow Dasha’s program, it is easy! Because everyday you train with Dasha you feel better and you just want to keep going. Today I’m healthy. I don’t have stomach aches any more. The changes in my body were extreme. I lost 19 kg (41 pounds)! Finally I could wear what I wanted. I looked good and felt fantastic, and I could wear my wedding ring again! My husband was shocked how it changed not only my body but also my self esteem. My family and friends are still asking me how I did this! Everything changed. The most important thing was that I saw the changes.

I can’t even describe how excited I’m waiting for my everyday workout time! I know that it won’t be easy, I know that it will kick my butt and I love it! 🙂

Kettlebell Kickboxing challenges me, keeps me fit, disciplined and highly motivated since I tried it on myself and I know that it really works- that’s what I need in busy everyday life. My body is not perfect so I’m still working on it, but now I like to look in the mirror a bit longer. And I see that the person in it is actually smiling and is finally happy with the reflection she sees.

Now my goal is to improve my fitness level (because it became my passion), shape my body to look good in a bikini, and not consider this all as a temporary diet or exercise plan but as my new lifestyle. Dasha taught me that there are no limits. If there are, it means that I’m making them by myself. Her program changed my whole life- I was strong and brave enough to move abroad, I am not afraid any more to take charge of my life. I found a job and now I seek new challenges every day.

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