Dasha!! Thank you so much. If it wasn’t for your Body Series DVDs I would have never felt this confident and looked this toned for my south beach trip, my engagement party and now- MY WEDDING! After playing professional tennis my whole life, I was looking for something to keep me going strong and lean. Your DVD series really redefined my body and people are noticing. I am in love with Perfect Butt and Amazing Arms. Who knew you can sweat so much training your arms!? I recently bought the Scorcher Series, because I LOVE your workouts and my fav combo is pairing Strength and Longevity.

I was so glad that you systemized the 60 day transformation into an actual training schedule that I followed every single day, it was simple, doable and it worked. Today I swear by your system and follow along with your up-keep program training 3-4 days a week and feeling amazing!!!

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