Realize Your Strength

Dasha Is Dedicated To Helping Extraordinary People Realize Their Strength.

  • Private One-on-One Training
  • Program & Nutrition Design
  • Zoom Virtual and In-Person Training
  • 2 Decades of Experience

Invest in the best. Optimize time and effort. Refine skill. Transform!

Because your time and effort cannot be wasted on random workouts, purposeless sweat, sudo-science, poor programming and lack-luster technique.

Dasha Is Dedicated To Helping Extraordinary People Realize Their Strength.

Invest in the best. Because your time and effort cannot be wasted on random workouts, purposeless sweat, sudo-science, poor programming and lack-luster technique.


Dasha has a Masters Degree in Exercise Science, 2 decades in fitness, education & program design. She specializes in performance enhancement, injury prevention, post rehab and body composition transformation.

Her thesis is to help you build, progress and maintain strength.


Ways to train with Dasha Anderson include:

  • One-on-One In Person in NYC
    In Dash’s private, state of the art NYC facility or at your home or gym (she will bring everything you need).
  • One-on-One Virtually on Zoom
    For the past three years Dasha has trained, connected with and progressed clients all over the country and world, from her private gym in the East Coast she trains 60% of her clients virtually from their homes, home gyms or gyms. A minimal equipment list will be provided and discussed. Zoom log in, unless you have other preferences.
  • Private Contract (upon availability)
    Dasha and her husband Sifu Anderson are both available on ‘private contract’. This will be agreed on and discussed but time ranges from 7-45 day intensive ‘on-site’ mentorship, coaching, program design and training for yourself, your family, athletes and actors (movie studios, speciality projects, sports teams or coaches). Her past ‘on-site’ travel has included Japan, Thailand, Miami, LA, Korea, Italy and Sweden.

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Areas of focus and program design include:

  • Quality of motion and life
  • Pain free movement
  • Mobility
  • Strength
  • Strength endurance
  • Balance and proprioception
  • Body composition; fat-loss, muscle gain
  • Health and wellness; cholesterol, osteoporosis, sarcopenia (on-set muscle loss), on-set or genetically predisposed disease
  • Energy, mood, hormonal balance
  • Power, Ballistics
  • Speed, agility and quickness
  • Motor skill development
  • Neuromuscular efficiency
  • Pre and post rehab
  • Athletic performance enhancement
  • Goal and result sustainability
  • Skill in lifts and exercise execution
  • Tool x skill specific education: kettlebells,Indian clubs, barbell, dumbbell, bands, gym, bodyweight, isometrics
  • Pre and post natal

the benefits

Custom programming. Accountability. Measurable progress & RESULTS.

Your time is valuable, in private training results are maximized and no time or energy is wasted. Dasha is with you every step of the way.

Learn form, skill and what your body needs for health, strength, body composition & more.


Private lessons are a great way to enhance your understanding, fine tune ability, receive valuable training methods and fix body mechanics. Most importantly private lessons and programming will allow you to finally train on a program and STOP randomizing workouts and leaving results on the table.

Private lessons provide individual attention and individualized program design focused solely on the development of your body, skill, goals and needs.

Private training will expedite your results. Dasha will help you understand what your body needs and how to get there.

What we need.

Dasha uses kettlebells/ dumbbells, bodyweight, bands and other tools in her gym or your home. With her approach and experience she can progress you from anywhere with minimal equipment.




Invest In Quality Of Motion, Enhance Quality Of Life.

I’m a mom, a wife, a daughter, a business owner and fitness and performance specialist. I ‘GET’ THE BUSY and I get the need to maximize your time, your energy and your results.


As Miyamoto Musashi said,

Do nothing which is of no use.

About Dasha L Anderson, MS, NASM-PES, KBIA-M

Dasha Anderson, new mom, wife, business owner and health and wellness educator. Dasha has a Masters Degree in Exercise Science, with a specialty in Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention.

She has two decades in the profession of personal and pro athlete training, program design, group fitness education, and expert contribution.

Fourteen specialty certifications in a variety of areas in fitness, most notably the art and education of kettlebell science, injury pre-hab, and performance optimization. In addition to her fitness background, Dasha has an extensive background in exercise nutrition and body composition/ goal programming.

Dasha has two decades in martial arts with instructorship and black and brown belts in a variety of arts including Jeet Kune Do, Filipino Martial Arts/ Kali, Muay Thai, and Brazilian JiuJitsu.

Founder/ Co-Founder:


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