KBKB and Dasha Anderson Partnership Opportunities

We deliver top notch brand experience, high quality expert (Masters in Exercise Science) content and storytelling, as well as a vast network of motivated fitness, wellness and experience driven individuals.

With a 55k newsletter base, several thousand online and in person members, as well as over 240 certified world wide instructors with their own KBKB base, our community has reach, trust and a dedicated following.

To power our mission, we align ourselves with like-minded brands that value our audience and are looking for compelling ways to tell their story and/ or enhance their employees, clients or audiences' experiences.

Email: Dasha@kettlebellkickboxing.com Title: Dasha Anderson to discuss your brands/ companies specific needs.



The goal is to create a meaningful experience for your audience and ours. We can do that virtually, live, through digital content and events.

  • Corporate Memberships & Custom Classes
  • Corporate Events & Seminars
  • Content Creation for Your Brand
  • Brand Highlights & Storytelling to KBKB & Dasha’s VIP community
  • Co-branding & Sponsorship Partnerships
  • Expert Contribution
  • Seminars

Hotel Stay Partnership


Past & present partnerships include over 50 brands we have worked with in the past decade; including hosting corporate classes, creating content for their audience and employees, highlighting their brand on our newsletters, blog and social as well as hosting specialty events together.

brands we've worked with

  • Bloomingdales
  • American Express
  • SELF Magazine
  • Nike
  • Chobani Yogurt
  • Women’s Health Magazine
  • Alala
  • Vital Choice
  • BullFrog Spas
  • Bloomberg
  • Vitamin Water
  • Victoria Secret Sport


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Newsletter Subscribers


Instagram Followers


Current Platform & Studio Members


Published Brand Articles


KBIA Certified Instructors


Event Participants Live & Zoom


Non-Overlapping Partnerships


VIP Influencer & Private Client Email List


Jenel Stevens

Actress & Stunt Performer Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War Luke Cage, Breaking In

Áslaug Magnúsdóttir

Founder of Katla Co-founder and former chief executive officer of Moda Operandi Co-founder of TSM Capital

Edward Akrout

Artist and Actor The Borgias, Killing Eve, Genius Picasso Gypsy, The Hollow Crown

Margot Bingham

Actress and Singer Boardwalk Empire, The Family, Barbershop

Kaitlyn Greenidge

Writer, Author, Editor Harper's Bazaar, New York Times Whiting Award for Fiction, We Love You, Charlie Freeman Libertie

Julie Tsu

Doctor, Mom

Daina Nadler

Vice President, Sales and Marketing Bigelow Trading Ltd

Katya Libin

Co-Founder & CEO heymama

Bella Feldman

Co-Founder Olga Klimov Skincare



Weekly Newsletter x Your Brand / Product Integration

Your Brand is Our Weekly FREE Class Sponsor

Sponsored Digital Content Blog & Insta


Website, VIP Email & Newsletter Integration

Storytelling for Your Platform; Site/ Newsletter/ Social/ Event

Live Class On Your Social

Custom Event for Your Staff/ Clients

Weekly Classes for Your Company

KBKB x Dasha Event/ Seminar (zoom or live)

Corporate Memberships & Custom Classes

Strengthen your team productivity by offering live virtual or on site (yours or ours) wellness classes.

Corporate Events & Seminars

Partner with us and have us create the event, or have us help enhance yours. Clients, customers or your staff, we can create a unique experience synonyms with your mission and goals.

Content Creation for Your Brand

Partner with us and have us create the event, or have us help enhance yours. Clients, customers or your staff, we can create a unique experience synonyms with your mission and goals.

Brand Highlights & Storytelling to KBKB & Dasha’s VIP community

Weekly FREE & pd classes, our events, newsletters, classes & platforms providea built in brand awareness opportunity for you to connect on and offline meaningfully with members that trust our voice.

Co-branding & Sponsorship Partnerships

Strengthen perception for your brand through authentic endorsements and honest advocacy. There is no stronger form of marketing than when our community supports and promotes your product / service.

Sponsor our weekly FREE class for charity

There is no better way to make a lasting impression and create a relationship with our audience than to be a weekly FREE KBKB x Dasha class sponsor. All eyes are on you and your brand each week from newsletter integration to live class mention.

Expert Contribution

Let Dasha use her 20 plus years in fitness, her Masters Degree in Exercise Science and her writing degree to create content for your newsletters, website, blog, magazine or company or brand. Education on wellness, fitness and nutrition, as well as lifestyle wellness content creation. *Integration of your brand is always an option.


Dasha has taught for SELF Magazine’s Up & Out Event, Nike Blast in Sweden, the United States Armed Forces YMCA, Bloomberg Health Events and so much more.

Wellness seminars, fitness classes, education or a community sweat - we do it all!



Attendees: 300 

Plus: 25 Celebrity x Influencer VIPs 

Featured In: Wallstreet Journal, Self, Shape

Goal: Raised $ & Awareness for Joyful Hearts

Co-Partners: Vitamin Water, Juice Press, Chobani


Events: Class & Health Q x A at Bloomingdales

Goal: Bloomingdales Product Introduction 

Where? Bloomingdale’s Soho and 56th street locations in NYC

KB Amplification: KB Audience Newsletter Feature


Who: 500 employee Corp Weekly Zoom Class 

Plus: Wellness Content for Newsletter

Added Bonus: All Employees Receive Corporate membership to KBBody


Amplification: Brand & Links to Brand Featured on weekly Newsletters

Connection: Vital Choice Gift Giveaways

Social: Live Dasha x KB Classes on VC Social Media

Feature: Weekly 45-80 person ‘free’ zoom class Live, ‘Sponsored by Vital Choice’


Brand: Dasha Partnered w/ ALALA 

For: National & International Photo & Video Campaign

Amplified:  Blog Feature and Newsletter Feature


Experience: Stay, Wellness & Experience Storytelling

Amplification: Live Class & Social Filmed on Location

Highlight: Blog & Newsletter Story, Social and Imagery/ Video

Content: Imagery Shared with Hotel Brand for Their Use

Content & Partnerships

KBKB is the perfect platform to inspire meaningful conversations.

Corporate Membership

Engage, retain, and boost productivity for your employees by providing best-in-class health & fitness programs including virtual and in-person class & seminars.