Nike Blast Sweden: 1,000 Women in one room training together!

Hi KB Community!

We would like to share with all of you, all around the country and around the world, what an amazing, insightful, powerful and inspiring time Dasha and her team have been having in Europe, and especially in Sweden on the official Nike #NikeBlast stage.

 We would like to thank everyone that has supported us across the world. It is because of the notoriety and trust that you have given us- here in NYC, around the US and through out the world that Nike called and asked Dasha Libin to be a presenter and teach Kettlebell Kickboxing on the Nike stage, in front of hundreds upon hundreds of women (and a few men too).

 Watch the Exclusive Video Highlight from day 2 of Dasha’s class: 

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The link above is the KB video from Dasha’s second day with Nike. We will be posting more footage from our weekend with the Nike team, including a full blog post on our website later this and next week.

Dasha’s main class had over 500 women collectively swinging, kicking and cat squatting together. Women just like you from countless corners of the world. What made the event even more special is that KB Master trainer Jenel Stevens was able to be on stage with Dasha and enjoy the overwhelming and enthusiastic crowd. 

Please watch the video, subscribe to our channel and comment.

We hope that watching the Nike Blast KB class will truly make you understand how broad the KB community is. There are hundreds of women just like you, training from their living-rooms to the Body and/or Scorcher DVDs – and we could not be more proud to get everyone together. Last year we did this at the Fitness Gala, this year at Nike Sweden!