Pre-hab, Post-Injury Progression, Postural Reset, Mobility, Hypertrophy, Real Weight-loss, Strength, Power, SAQ, Special Population, Flexibility and MORE! Each week a new module explained and de-coded for your personal and/ or professional knowledge. All Levels Welcome.

Learn for yourself, or learn to TRULY progress your clients and get them results!


8-10 PEOPLE PER CLASS MAX (half already registered)

Dasha's Spring 12-week Master Class will answer any and all questions you have regarding true exercise/ result driven programming.

ALL levels are welcome/ beginners/ none fitness professionals are welcome, this is a pure education course!

Fully Virtual. Time & Details Below.

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Master Level M-KBIA Certification Course

Exercise science

Programming for specific goals/results

Course curriculum details below

Week 1: Introduction to Movement and Kinetic Chain.

Programing For Goals/Clients Explained.

Week 2: Continuing Private Client Assessment and Fault to Fix: Pre-hab / Body Ownership Science

Muscle Imbalances, Compensation, Overuse, Postural Issues Addressed.

Week 3: General Population Programming and Progression: Pre-hab Science and Activation techniques to Body Composition, Skill & Strength.

In-depth protocol for 3 major postural issues and the pyramid of progression

Week 4: Weight-loss Programing - mild to serious cases

What is fat? How do we train individuals that need to lose weight for health.

Week 5: Hypertrophy Programming

How to progress, program and find success with a client that wants visual mass, muscle

Week 6: Strength Programing and Progression - max to minimal tools

Using everything or 'close to nothing' in and outside the gym, what is the programming to building STRENGTH

Week 7: Power Programming - Power building with KBs x Bands, and the Science of Power - how do you build it? and WHEN do you build it/ place it in your clients programming.

Athletes and regular individual goals addressed

Week 8: SAQ: Speed, Agility and Quickness

How to safely build and progress this for athletes and the regular individual. Plus? Why do we need this? Does your client need this?

Week 9: Special Needs Programming

Elderly, Post Trauma, Extreme Cases of De-conditioning - Sarcopenia explained

Week 10: Mobility and Flexibility w/ KB and in general - Warm Ups and Mobility Routines:

The science and the technique to program athletes or
regular individuals.

Week 11: Professional Athletes and Recreational Athletes Programming and

Periodization explained and placed into context of your/ your clients goals

Week 12 x 13: Placing it together is a case study!

Individual Time with Dasha

2 hours cashed in anytime you want it.


Details are below:

Please email & make sure to cc
w/ questions, goals, and to see if you qualify.

This course can be ideal for personal learning and growth, as well as your growth as an instructor/ studio owner, personal trainer or coach.

*details below

*NASM, ACE, AFAA & CanFitPro accredited

Time x Place

Class is fully virtual.

No equipment is needed.

Class will take place 1x a week, as of now it will either be Thursday or Friday at 9am, EST.

Class starts end of April, date to be announced.

If you cannot make class at that time slot, a link of class will be sent to you and individual hours with Dasha scheduled as an option.

Email to discuss learning options. , cc

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