Martial HIIT™ (High Intensity Interval Training)

Did you know that one of the reasons Kettlebell Kickboxing™ is so successful has everything to do with our Trademark Martial HIIT™?

KB is known for our trademark moves, of course we pride ourselves on our instructors, it’s also our mentality and functional approach of our system, our principles and how we pair kettlebell and martial motions (not just interchange them). BUT there is one other aspect to our system that makes women (and men) lose weight in half the time, maintain weight-loss, create lean muscle and simply love the challenge of every session; this unique system is called Martial HIIT™ (High Intensity Interval Training).

Dasha combined her research and studies in Sports Science with methods like HIIT and Tabata along with the experience she gained in martial arts, from the intervals incorporated in traditional Boxing, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, MMA and Brazilian Jiujitsu rounds, to develop Martial HIIT™.

Kettlebell Kickboxing’s Martial HIIT™ intervals are not just a regular High Intensity Interval (2-for-1 work-rest ratio), Martial HIIT uses the basic principles of martial arts timing, which has been around for centuries. In martial arts, it is typical to see 3 or 4-minute rounds of training with a 1-minute rest period. This allows you to maximize calorie burn, maintain optimal muscle recruitment and raise your metabolic rate long after the training has finished. Similarly, the motion incorporated into each Martial HIIT round are split up according to muscle recruitment, cardiovascular capacity and endurance. Clinically proven to show triple the results of steady state cardio like the elliptical, high intensity intervals are a key component of every KB training session and exactly what makes Kettlebell Kickboxing™ Scorcher Series so successful and unique.


Beginners don’t get worried!

Just because we use Martial HIIT™ does not mean you have to be advanced to take the class or try the DVD. The beauty of this program is that there are no pre-set repetitions. Just as in the very core of martial arts, you accomplish what you can in that minute, keeping a pace that is comfortable for you. Through time your pace will naturally advance, as will your fitness level. Hence the beauty of Kettlebell Kickboxing™: the more advanced you get, the more challenging the class/DVD becomes; keeping you away from stubborn plateaus.

Beginners can start slow, in every DVD there is a modification both for low-impact slower exercise and also for training with a dumbbell.

Advanced students can always find a challenge because they are never limited by repetitions, as in martial arts the more conditioned and in shape you become, the harder and more challenging your workouts can be! We also have advanced motions in both the DVD Scorcher Series and in classes!