Finding Time To Workout, Train In Less Time & Get More Results

making time to exercise

Hi, hope you are having a great week.

I also hope that you’ve been productive with your time this week by being selfish for at least 25-60 minutes a day.

When I say selfish, I mean taking the time out of your busy days to workout.

Studies show that by devoting 25 – 60 minutes to your body you’ll be far more productive, energetic, happy and even creative in your day!

So, will you make the time to workout today?

No Time To Workout?

According to a 2010 American Council of Exercise study, twenty minutes of kettlebell exercise burned an average of 272 calories. That’s expending a phenomenal 20.2 calories per minute, the equivalent of running a mile in six minutes.

It’s simple; kettlebell exercises burn more calories in less time compared to more traditional workout regimens. One of the reasons is that training with a kettlebell requires you to engage multiple muscle groups. Kettlebells can also be used in unique motions that are classified as ballistic, meaning they are of a higher intensity than other weight lifting motions and can produce the same effect on the body as sprinting, running, or jumping (but with far less impact on the body and joints—when executed correctly).

In fact our first program, the Scorcher Series is a four disc set with workouts that are 25, 30, 35 and 40 minutes in length.

Each can burn up-to and over 500 calories while also giving you the post metabolic effects you want to build lean and strong, beautiful muscles.

finding time to workoutHere’s another BONUS: if you’re stuck in a crowded gym with lines to the machines, a kettlebell has no waiting time! Just pick it up and go. With kettlebell swings, you can achieve a similar cardiorespiratory effect and calorie burn as a three-mile run, with the added benefit of strength training.

Plus you’ll save an average of 2-2.5 hours on your gym training and commute.

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