June’s DVD & Class Challenge: Make Every Interval Count!

If you have the DVD at home, Dasha and Kettlebell Kickboxing™ will be giving you monthly tips on how to maximize your training and switch it up even more!

Remember there are 10 different workouts in this series! 4 shorter workouts that can burn between 350-500 calories in 35 minutes of training (just slip in any disk and go!) AND 6 longer versions (combine the following DVD’s for 6 unique workouts and create 6 more by switching around their order… just play the second option w/out warm up!)


1. Power

2. Strength

3. Longevity

4. Diversity

5. Power & Strength

6. Power & Longevity

7. Power & Diversity

8. Strength & Longevity

9. Strength & Diversity

10. Longevity & Diversity


There are 3 levels in each DVD:

Regular –  Follow along with one of the girls (Christan, Mary or Blue) to Dasha’s right or her far left

Advanced – You are with Jenel in the back right!

Beginner – Stick with Diane or Mary at Dasha’s left

No Kettlebell!? No Problem! – Stick with Diane or Mary for the dumbbell version of the kettlebell move and still train!


Make Every Interval Count!

Count every repetition, keep track and go further!

Let’s take the Sumo Swing from your Diversity DVD as an example: Instead of just doing the set with everyone, count how many swings you achieved in one minute, then when your second round comes up, CRUSH your first rep by trying to beat it by 5! Do this for one week with every first minute of your Martial HIIT round in each of your DVDs. Then watch how much a simple adjustment will take your cardio and your body to the very next level! Once you have achieved a steady state of beating your minutes by 10-15 reps, go up 5 pounds in your kettlebell or dumbbell weight.

HAPPY TRAINING  ladies and maybe even gents! Ss you know we have gotten countless reviews from guys who have been working out quite a bit of a sweat while training along with Dasha, Jenel, Diane, Sarah, Christan, Justine, Blue and Mary.

And remember Dasha will be emailing everyone exclusive tips on how to enhance your in class and at home Kettlebell Kickboxing™ training!


XoKB Dasha Libin Anderson