Love Your Jeans Challenge Starts HERE!

It’s that time of the year- are you ready for this years LOVE YOUR JEANS KBBody challenge? We are!

iQNTeTfIiYBoQWawAPYox0YlfvbiRW9v2exTUk8zqMMWe are asking everyone in our KB Community to Love Your Jeans by April 18th! 

 “I see this every year, everyone makes New Years resolutions, then, by the time March 1st rolls around no one even remembers what that resolution was. Did you know that 98% of people that make New Years and Birthday resolutions don’t keep them.

 That is exactly why I created this Love Your Jeans challenge in mid February. It’s a way for all of us, class and DVD women to re-connect with ourselves and our goals.

 Summer will be here in no time, and every year people email me frantically scrambling, to look great in their summer dresses and bathing suits. To get fit and out of pain so they can run and be active outdoors.  Well, this challenge has two parts, and is specifically designed to get you to your spring and then summer health and body goals. ”      – Stay Focused, Dasha

The challenge is a program, it is fully FREE and here is how it works: 

all you need to do is have one of your KB DVDs, or a KB class pack so that you can follow along with the workout schedule Dasha will provide.

Love Your Jeans Feb 24th – April 18th 

  • Use your KB Scorcher, KB Body or KB clases
  • Dasha will be sending weekly workout calendars, bonus clips & nutrition guides with recipes

Love Your Bikini Body April 18th – June 1st

  • We take all of the amazing progress made in the Love Your Jeans Challenge and work on getting you bathing suit ready.
  • Dasha will continue to send you workout calendars, bonus videos to challenge your DVD sets and keep you educated on form, plus the recipes you need to stay on track

7 Day Lean  June 1st-June 8th

  • And finally, Dasha & her team launch the downloadable 7 workouts & 7 day nutrition guide for your final touch ups to start on June 1st!
  • we’ll send you more details about this program, the same prep program that Dasha gives her celebrity clients before red carpets, and the same program models and athletes use to get super lean and healthy before a major event like a photo-shoot, competition or a wedding.

Your reward for committing & completing is a 50% off discount code!

*** IF you complete the Love Your Jeans challenge successfully, and send our team a before and after ‘I Love My Jeans Selfie’ – we will send you a 50% discount code to the 7Day Lean downloadable!

*** Forward this email to a friend and ask them to join you in the  Love Your Jeans challenge, goals are so much easier achieved with support!


take a SELFIE tonight (or ask someone to take it) of yourself in your fav pair of jeans… yes even if they don’t really button up all the way! Then, we’ll ask you to take a selfie when the challenge is done. If you LOVE your jeans even more after, and chose to send us your picture, we’ll send you a 50% discount code to the 7 Day Lean program, launching on June 1st (just in time to get bathing suit ready).

Then get ready,

Every Monday Dasha will send you your workout calendar, using the KB Body and Scorcher Series DVDs, as well as the KB live classes. She will give you options to mix & match, or just work with each DVD or class individually!

Every Thursday/ Friday we will send you nutrition advice, goal training and recipes you can use to stay on track, and Love Your Jeans  (or love them even more) by April.

  •  Your first Love Your Jeans workout calendar & nutrition email will be sent this Friday, just in time to prep for your start next Monday!

So, to start our challenge, all of us girls here are sharing our fav jeans selfies with you… because we are all doing the program too!