10 Tips for Weight Loss Success

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Are there really tips out there that can help you reach long term weight loss success?

Are there really things that can help you stay motivated, get stronger and smarter about your health?

Yes… it took me a while to realize some of these tips, but the more I followed each one, the better I got at reaching, sticking with and surpassing my weight-loss, health, strength, and fitness goals.

So, below are my Top 10 weight loss tips for setting up long term success…

  1. Drink water. Drink a lot of it!

    If I can’t get a workout in, I know I can drink more water and still get the benefits of flushing out the toxins from my system. If i am feeling a bit under the weather, if I am stressed or if I ate some not so ‘great stuff’ yesterday I will reset my body with water… simple and it works! Drink up 🙂

  2. Set Unrealistic Goals

    We all know what we can do… But do you know what you are truly capable of? To be limitless you must think limitless. It is healthy and important to set mini short-term goals you know you can achieve, but those should be the stepping stones for the larger goals… the ones that seem impossible today. Set them… trust me!

  3. Don’t Be A Cardio Queen

    Sorry gals (and guys), but studies have shown over and over again that only cardio workouts will not get you the lean muscle mass, strength, mobility and weight-loss— yes! weight-loss that a strength training program will. It’s research, and its solid. So please add weights (like kettlebells), body weight and resistance training to your workouts. Your weight-loss and your health truly depends on it! (check out our home fitness programs to see how adding weight training and body weight resistance to your workouts can help you transform your body – faster and keep those results forever).

  4. (If you want REAL Results) Don’t Waste Your Time With Random Workouts

    It has been proven time and time again, a person that works out following a program gets and keeps better results. Your workouts must be systemized, they must have the correct time intervals, progressions and motions to yield a response from the body. There must also be a complimentary system of rest and nutrition — that’s how you get and keep incredible results.

  5. Day Dream

    stretching exerciseUsing Imagery (also known as mental rehearsal or visualization) is simple and effective. You can do this in your practice or in your time off. Take the goal list  we made together and imagine yourself when those areas of your life have been accomplished. Use your day dreaming as a mental exercise to visualize yourself doing a motion, completing a task, reaching a goal or simply taking a new risk. In practice, most importantly however, is that you picture yourself performing correctly and with a new found strength, confidence and excellence. Try to create ‘images’ using all of your senses – commit yourself to your accomplishments – Visualize.

  6. Have an Attitude

    dasha libin exercise programIn sport and in life you hear the term attitude all the time. An attitude is a belief that is held with regard to a person or situation, for example when a person comes in with a bad attitude they have already made up their mind about the class and the way they feel. They made a decision to ‘go through’ the motions without putting forth the openness that would allow a great experience. A good attitude is basically an open mind- no judgements, no preconceived notions… just yourself living and experiencing life. Aim to have peaceful confidence, never effected by the ‘small things’.

  7. Be Selfish, and still give more? YES!

    Make sure you take the time out to train. Take the time out to cook your food. Take time out for yourself. If you are a busy mom, a family or career person (or both) this might seem impossible! How can you possible take the time away from the computer or your baby to workout? Well, it’s simple… studies show that for every hour or half hour you spend on yourself working out and being active, you will be more productive, creative, energized and clear-headed for your family, your work and your life! Plus, you know your family likes you sooo much better after you’ve had a workout – you owe it to them to be the best version of yourself!

  8. Trick Yourself

    If you want to watch less TV and read more, hiding the TV remote control and placing a book on your coffee table instead will help you pick it up and start a path to a new habit. Erasing all the music from your ipod and downloading Japanese 101 onto your phone  will help you learn another language. So is placing the Scorcher Series workout DVD into your computer and having it automatically play once you turn on your laptop (Just Saying!).

  9. Maintain Laser Focus

    kettlebell exerciseFocus is closely related to concentration. It is all about your intensity.  Focus is about keeping your mind on the right things at the right time. In today’s society, focus is something we must fight for. Be selfish when you train, be present, be all about yourself. When you find the feeling of being present in that moment, in your body and in your goals… you will grow and become a stronger version of yourself. Focus.

  10. Don’t Be Afraid To Start From Zero

    I love being a beginner… at that point it’s all about learning and discovering your body, your will, your mind and the world around you. I you are too afraid to try something new you will never evolve to be a better version of yourself. You must learn to let go… letting go of fear, inhibition and self doubt will help regain the best part of yourself. (martial arts has taught me that, and I bring that with me to every program i make- that’s why there is always a beginner modification in every single workout we have).

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