Life is about Creating a path for yourself… A path you will be Proud Of! ( NO EXCUSES )

Life is about Creating a path for yourself… A path you will be PROUD of!

Kettlebell Kickboxing NO EXCUSES!

1. I just don’t have the time/I have too many other pressures right now. 
The greater things you do, the greater amount of success you will see in your life.  It’s easy to become overwhelmed with pressure from daily responsibilities — both at work and at home. It doesn’t help to look at exercise as just another burden! Just as eating, showering and brushing your teeth are part of the daily routine of taking care of yourself, so should exercise be a priority in your life!  Joining our program will help you to reduce your stress and prioritize fitness as part of your self-care routine.Just 2 hours a week will give you the equivalent of 4 hours at the gym.

Just 2 hours a week is all you need to progress and see benefit from your training.

2. I am too old. It’s too late for me to start now!
You are never too old to train. Everyone trains for a different reason, and the reasons you train will change with time. The ideal practitioner will never leave their training they will simply focus on the goals set before them and always strive to learn and evolve both physically and mentally. The main goal of Kettlebell Kickboxing is self-improvement. Through training, at any age, you can achieve not only physical benefits such as balance, coordination, flexibility, strength, endurance, stamina, and power, but also mental benefits such as focus, discipline, self-control, peace and self-confidence.  Additionally, in our padwork and martial arts classes you will learn how to defend yourself in all areas of attack.

3. I am out of shape right now. I have to get in better shape before I start training.
There is no way to get in shape for this…  let us build you; we have been doing so for the past 15 years. Joining a Kettlebell Kickboxing or even our Martial Arts program is an excellent way to get in shape – you will achieve results faster than you ever thought possible. Kettlebell Kickboxing produces functional, very well rounded results, in physical fitness, health and mental fitness. Think of it as cross-training all areas of the body. At the Anderson’s Martial Arts Academy, our students have varying fitness levels. We’ve specially designed our programs to allow each student personalized improvement with their unique needs of physical fitness and health – all while doing so at their own pace.  In the end, you will achieve the results you want and learn how to maintain an optimal body.

 4. I am uncoordinated, I have never done anything like this, and I’m afraid that I’ll make a fool out of myself.
Always remember that everyone had to begin somewhere. Even the most coordinated student in the class was a beginner at one time, with the same fears and apprehensions!  We have been training and developing individuals of all levels and abilities or the past 15 years. Trust us, and let us help you discover and tap into your potential.New students join the Academy every week, so you will not be the only beginner. Instructors and advanced students will help you on your new journey. Remember to have fun! Be patient with yourself and don’t get frustrated. Don’t expect to be perfect!  Your body has to learn how to move the way your brain tells it to. It only takes a few weeks to start training your body and see the results and development of martial arts.

5. I just don’t have the money.
Ask a any girl that has trained and achieved her fitness goals or a how much money she would accept to sell their that accomplishment and fit body back, along with the impact that training has made on her life! Then listen to her response. What is the value of a product that will provide you with the benefits you want and have been looking for? What exactly is it worth for YOU to empower yourself with the physical abilities and body you have always dreamed of? The feeling of reaching your goals and feeling pure and real success?If you don’t seem to have the money in your budget, you might just be surprised by ways you can regain those funds by making some minor small changes in certain details of your life. Cutting certain expenses for those that ultimately matter most and provide life-transforming results.

6. I’m worried that I’ll get hurt!
At Kettlebell Kickboxing and Anderson’s Martial Arts, we take all of the necessary precautions to keep you as safe as possible. We have been training individuals for the past 15 years, with great success. Our programs are developed by Sifu Anderson, founder of AMAA, and Dasha Libin, a Master in Sports Science with a specialization in Injury Prevention and Performance Enhancement. The combination of their knowledge and experience creates a systematic, smart and secure environment developed for optimal growth and minimal injury. This is one of our highest priorities. Experienced, certified instructors always supervise classes at the Academy.

 7. I’m afraid because I don’t know anyone else in the class. I’ll feel like a misfit!
We are a family. We support each other; we have a common goal and a unique and common understanding. For years and on-going generations, our academy has been known for its hospitality, along with a unique environment where you can personally prosper.  Joining the Academy is a truly great way to meet new people and develop relationships that can last a lifetime.

 8. I never stick to anything.
Changes are yours to make, life is about evolution. If you decide to do something – Do It!  If you have always pictured yourself looking a specific way, feeling a specific way, having a unique ability  – You Can! YOU must walk the path.

Ketlebell Kickboxing training is very unique. It will build you with out getting boring or monotonous. Most people gravitate towards the training and look forward to each class. This is the perfect time to break bad habits and try something that can change the course of other things in your life. No matter your age, gender or current physical ability – you will succeed and enjoy the process… just give it a fair chance. At the Anderson’s Martial Arts Academy, our instructors provide motivation, encouragement and feedback to help keep you focused on all of your goals.

 9.  I  just don’t want to make a commitment.
Any successful person has committed himself or herself to achieving that success. Most people commit to things that they are passionate about, or things that will benefit them.  Joining the Academy/ Ketlebell Kickboxing involves taking an important step that will provide you with many life-long benefits. MAKE THE COMMITMENT TO YOURSELF – one that allows you to see and reach your highest personal potential and purpose. Let us help see you through that commitment, and allow yourself to experience the rewards.

Time waits for no one…  What are you waiting for?