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With the holidays behind us, getting back into the swing of training often requires getting back on your regiment and perhaps, dropping those holiday pounds. Last months discussion touched upon several diet trends that have been hitting the fitness/ female culture. To continue on more  diet trends, the discussion will now lead to Fat burners 🙁 , Juice Diets and going Gluten Free.

In an instant society, and even amongst martial artists Fat Burners have become a big trend, hitting the grocery store, vitamin shops and late night  TV commercials. Unlike years ago when women were the target audience for small pill bottles with big promises, now, more often then not advertisements are quick to feature a man with belly fat, followed by the same man with a six pack.  The good news? todays diet pills are different from the past, most are herbal dietary supplest that have a high concentration of green tea extract, using high doses of natural supplements like caffeine to aid metabolism and induce fat burn. Other pills are a host to actual chemicals. The FDA does not have to approve diet pills for them to be available on the market. Keep in mind the best way to buy a supplement is to make sure it is sold and manufactured in the United States. Other countries do not have the same quality and control checks, and are also not subject to US law or legal ramifications. Keep in mind that manufacturers do not need to register their products with FDA nor get FDA approval before producing or selling dietary supplements. The effectiveness and safety of diet pills requires years of extensive study. Many institutes can not do research fast enough, finding the demand for a fat loss miracle overshadowing adequate and substantial research studies. There are hundreds of weight loss supplements available on the market, yet not all are created equal. The most important areas to consider are the safety of ingredients. When considering taking any pill or powder, make sure to run a scholarly search on your computer and talk to a doctor about the ingredients listed on the back of your bottle. More often then not, a vitamin and supplementation program is a better fit for a martial artists. Try to find recovery supplements that will help you get on the mat faster, and natural energy aids like vitamin C packs and green tea to help you use energy during training.

Going Gluten Free,  the biggest question you must ask yourself is,  why?  The words ‘gluten free’ have become a major trend in todays society. We are very quick to trust any web search that comes up on the internet, or even self diagnose through medical information sites. The purpose of going Gluten Free is to treat celiac disease. There has been no solid claims that have shown a gluten free diet to work for regular individuals and fat loss. Most typically people might see a difference in weight when going gluten free because they are unconsciously cutting out more carbohydrates then their regular diet. Gluten free is a diet that excludes the protein gluten, which is mainly found in grains like wheat, barley and rye. In people with celiac disease gluten causes inflammation in the small intestines, but no negative or fat storing gluten effects have been proven on regular individuals with out celiac. If you are considering this diet, a doctor can test you for celiac with a basic blood test. If you are celiac free, a better version of this diet is cutting out complex carbohydrates like white breads and flour.

Once popular with supermodels and actresses, the juice craze has now made its way into martial arts schools across the country. Many professional fighters, coaches and trainers have been discussing juice diets as a form of resetting the body and cutting weight. The idea of a juice diet is a very broad topic, there are nutritionally sound juices and shakes which can allow for recovery, weightless, maintain energy and even provide a more a solid nutritional platform then a regular diet. Other juice diets can leave a person ma-lnutritioned and fatigued. Not all juices are created equal, Bruce Lee’s shakes were made famous by his use of raw meats, eggs and vegetables. These shakes were highly caloric and protein based. Poor shakes lack protein, are mainly water based, calorie free, and nutritionally poor. Today a correct juice diet should include protein powder like whey, natural fruits, nuts, vegetables and perhaps even an omega supplement. The most important part to consider is having enough nutrition in your drink to sustain your daily activity. Keeping to the correct amount of protein, fats and carbohydrates in each shake or juice. The second things to consider is how easy it is to take in more calories and sugars on juice diets. It is very easy to overdose on sugar through unlimited amount of fruits, milk and other additives. Juice diets require a lot of science, you must understand your goals, daily nutritional requirements and the ingredients in your shake before you start.

In the end, if one of your goals for 2013 is a new physique, keep several things in mind. First, always pair your training with a meal plan that  fits your activity levels, your body’s internal demands, your doctors advise and your own ability to stick to a lifestyle. Do not try to find an immediate answer in crash diets. Eating and training should mold into your lifestyle, if the diet is impractical,  kick it.  If you don’t, you will just find your weight regained after you drop the regiment. One of the most difficult stresses on a martial artists body is  gaining weight, loosing it and then gaining it back. Overtime the Yo-Yo effect can affect your neuromuscular efficiency and contribute to injury.   In the end, the best way to live life is clean eating.  Keep in mind that dietary fulfillment comes from balance and control.  As for diet pills, walk away from easy answers, because most often then not the instant road to success is a faulty one.

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